Fire witch. They dominate good and bad energy, they are intelligent and temperamental. Their great power is to change the energy environment around them to put it in their favor. Fire is their protector.

Forest witch. They dominate the powers of the earth and herbs. They are great seductresses and are capable of curing many illnesses with magic potions. They have hidden powers of which they are aware, but they fear to put into practice.

Witch of light. It is rare that those born under this sign are dedicated to the dark arts, since their energy is always oriented towards good. They are luminous beings destined to support others with their powerful decrees.

Good witch. She is also destined to do good, but be careful if she is hurt. They are spiteful. They never desire evil, but their connection to the universe always gives them the right revenge.

Illusionist witch. They attract attention wherever they step, they can cause damage if they want to, and they know how to create powerful spells to keep themselves safe. They are always loved for their happy character.

Fairy witch. They have a special connection with nature and animals and can invoke the power of fire, earth, water or wind. They are skilled in creating amulets of protection and can predict the future.

Artisan witch. She perceives what people are like without knowing them thoroughly and she is never wrong. She is sought for her powerful for her powerful positive energy, but she also attracts beings of darkness who seek to nourish themselves with her power. She is an artisan of herbal spells and can create shields against black magic.

Witch of the night. They have a special gift for guessing people's true intentions. They usually have a natural connection to the spirits of the earth, although very few know how to use that power. They are mysterious, and if you harm them one day, they will return it to you.

Witch of the wind. This element keeps them aware of what is happening around them, so they are always alert and anticipate dangers. They are not afraid of anything because they naturally repel bad energy.

Witch of the Tempest. She creates no problems, relieves them with her innate power to calm the worst storms. She always gives good advice and is able to see the aura of people who approach her.

Witch of the stars. They were born privileged because everything they want is fulfilled sooner or later. They are wise, for they have accumulated great knowledge over the centuries. They don't feel remorse about causing harm if you mess with them, although they are generally very friendly.

Witch of the moon. The moon is her guide, she knows everything that happens in the world. She uses it to enhance her wisdom, peace and beauty.