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1. Ailee - Denver, Colorado

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Born in Denver, Ailee was actually raised in New Jersey. She originally made her debut as a singer in the USA, where she was signed to a small label in NYC. After uploading videos to YouTube, she made the decision to go to Korea for an audition.

2. Jessica and Krystal Jung - San Francisco, California

girls generation, krystal, and krystal jung image girls generation, krystal, and krystal jung image
Jessica and Krystal Jung were on vacation and enjoying some time in a shopping mall when an agent from SM Entertainment spotted them. SM wanted to begin training Krystal at the time, but the girls’ parents felt that she was too young and decided that only Jessica would be allowed to begin her music career. Krystal several years later at the age of 12 joined her sister at SM.

3. Johnny - Chicago, Illinois

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Johnny auditioned for SM Entertainment at 12 years old during the 2007 SM Global Audition in Chicago. Through that audition, he was accepted and began his training period. Ten years after passing his audition, he finally made his debut in NCT 127.

4. Vernon - NYC, New York

Seventeen, vernon, and hansol image Seventeen, vernon, and hansol image
Though he was born in NYC, Vernon moved to Korea as a child. During his second year of middle school, he was scouted by an agent as he went home from school on the subway.

5. Amber Liu - Los Angeles, California

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In 2008, she was only one of two people who passed a local audition to get into SM Entertainment. After training for one year, the Taiwanese-American made her debut as a member of f(x) in 2009

6. BM - Los Angeles, California

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Before his debut, he worked as a dancer and appeared in projects like the music video for “Choco Chip Cookies” by Goo Hara. In December of 2016, KARD dropped their first song “Oh NaNa” as a pre-release project. They then went on to make their official debut in July 2017 with “Hola Hola.”

7. Mark Tuan - Los Angeles, California

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Mark was born in California before moving to Paraguay and Brazil, but eventually moved back to the USA where he grew up and attended school. One day, during lunch at school, Mark got on a table and started dancing and acting silly with his friends. A JYPE staff member happened to be there at that time and decided to recruit him immediately. Mark said that he only decided to audition because his school encouraged him to do so, and it wasn’t until he first stood on stage that he fully realized that he had truly found the place where he belongs.

8. Joshua - Los Angeles, California

Seventeen, joshua, and hong jisoo image Seventeen, joshua, and hong jisoo image
Joshua first started performing as a member of the praise team at his church in California. He later attended a festival in the USA and was playing the guitar when an agent from Pledis Entertainment took notice. After watching him and considering things for about a month, they decided to reach out to see if he was interested in training with them.


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