Hi guys! From my experience, I know how it feels to fail an exam, and it can be very frustrating. Here I've enlisted a few points that can be improved and have definetly worked for me before or during an exam ☼


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In the moment of the exam try to organize yourself, your tasks. Before the exam organize how your study program is going to be so you'll make the best of your time.


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Find motivation! Most important thing, NO DISTRACTIONS

lack of sleep

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I recommend having a sleep schedule. Try not to stay up too late, particularly on the day of your exam, this can have a highly negative effect on your performance.

lack of study

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Sometimes when I go over my notes I automatically assume I know something, and don't even look at it because I have other priorities, but then I realize I don't know a thing. Be careful with your program!

wrong method

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Maybe your method of studying is not the most effective for you, have you tried anything new? Try to listen a podcast, use flashcards, whatever suits you the most, be creative. - you don't have to study all the time! Make sure to take breaks.

hope that this can help you! don't give up (;
Pau ♥

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