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First off, you're probably wondering, what is a 'self-care package'? Well, here's the answer to your question:
A self-care package is a package that contains bits and pieces that will help you get out of a slump.

Now, I am no stranger to depression, I have been through it myself and have a lot to say about it, but for now let's focus on how to help ourselves through this rough time we are going through.

Contents of a Self-care Package:

First we need to talk about what a self-care package contains. But remember, you can add your own things to it, the list you are about to read is only suggesting these items, you don't have to include them, and feel free to shift some things round and add things that are personal to you as well.

  • Old memories, letters, badges - add anything that is special to you, something that brings up a lot of good feelings. It could be a birthday letter your grandmother wrote you, or it could be a present you got for Christmas, anything that will make you smile.
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  • A tissue box/tissues - it's always good to have a cry, it releases all the negative energy from your body and helps you regain a sense of calmness. But we all need something to wipe our noses and face. So make sure you have some tissues handy.
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  • Albums - include any old albums of childhood pictures. Sometimes going through your old pictures can make you smile and laugh at how adorable and cute you were as a baby.
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  • Jar with positive messages - this is very important, and something everyone in general should have. Get out a jar, any jar. Find some scrap pieces of paper and write down good things about yourself, for example: 'you are gorgeous', 'your smile lights up the whole world', 'your smile is contagious', 'I love the color of your eyes'. Etc, etc. And don't forget to take one out and read it every time you put yourself down.
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  • Achievements, medals, certificates - looking at what you have achieved will remind you how smart and strong you are to have won those awards. You need to remember what you are good at and what you love to do.
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  • Small book/blank pieces of paper - use these to write your thoughts down every time you feel like you need to vent, but have no one to talk to. I assure you, writing down your thoughts is so exhilarating and makes you feel fresh and ready for anything.
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Yup! You read that right! There are rules! But don't worry, they're not boring rules, they're special rules, they're for you to make sure that you take car of yourself. Sometimes, we put ourselves in the worst position we can imagine, and to avoid that, we have a few ground rules. Again, if you want to, feel free to add more or less rules, because this is your self-care package.

1. Get to bed early - getting to bed early will help us have more sleep, which means more hours of relaxation. One can feel amazing when they get to bed early.

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2. Wake up early - I know this rule sounds strange and you're probably raising your eyebrow and thinking 'what does waking up early have to do with my mental health?', well it has a lot to do with your mental health. Waking up bright and early makes you feel good, it makes you feel ready to face the day and less likely to sit in your PJ's the whole day, binge-watching the saddest Netflix movies they have ( which is bad, you need to be active ).

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3. Pick up a routine - make lists, start a project, pick up one of your old hobbies, do something. Staying in bed all day will make you feel like you're sick and will not help at all, that is why you need to start a routine to help you face the day better.

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4. You are aloud to cry - don't try to hold in your tears, let them fall freely, crying is healthy. Accept that you are feeling sad, don't deny it, denying it will make you push away your feelings which is very unhealthy.

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5. Be kind to yourself - do not force yourself to do things that will make you unhappy, but rather fill your day with things you enjoy.

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6. Wash your face - when you have finished crying, wash your face. Feeling the tears will only remind you of why you are sad. It is good that you have accepted that you are feeling sad, the next step is letting go and part of that is washing your face. Washing your face symbolizes something, fresh, new and clean.

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I hope you take all these steps and this guide into consideration and you take care of yourself because you are so, so important!

Thank you for reading!