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I don't know if someone has done this before, but if you see this article and you created this challenge thing, send me a message.

As you can read on the title today I'm going to create a protagonist of a coming of age movie. I love doing this kind of articles, is really fun, I have a lot of this in my profile.
This is going to be a little bit cliche, because all coming of age movies are the same in different fonts or flavors and you also know that.

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Let's do this...

☀ Setting:
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San Diego, California, USA
🌻 Basics:

Name: Noah Lights
Nickname: Nobi-one-kenobi
Age: 16

🧚‍♀ Appearance:
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🌈 Style:
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🦋 Fashion Transformation:
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Noah and Joey make a transformation for their prom dance.
✨ Personality:
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💐 Quotes:
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Love Interest
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Yeah this doesn't work out, he's name is like Kyle something and he is the typical white boy addicted to nicotine who hasn't slept in 3 weeks.
💕 Best Friend(s):

Name: Joey Gray

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Fashion Transformation:

dress, fashion, and pink image hair image beauty, makeup, and hair image earrings, gold, and jewelry image

Love Interest:

fashion, hair, and girl image casual, fashion girl, and fashionable image eyes, brown, and eye image Image by SOPHIE 90's, grunge, and hipster image girl and smile image
Her name is Lila Dean, her and Joey meet at the coffee shop she works at. Lila is a year younger than Joey.

Hope you liked this, you can check my other articles.

Love, Val