Inspired by folklore - Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, folklore, and black and white image

I heard the rumor, baby
You've been with someone else lately
With his hands on your hips
Looking at you shamelessly

You laugh with him like you never did with me
It's not funny how you move and he enjoys it

You were more than one night, darling
You were everything and now I'm nothing
I'm afraid, I can't find you, no more
I can only dance with your ghost

We were more than one night, honey
You are everything but I am nothing
I can't find you, where are you?
I can't sleep without you by my side

You want to know what I'm doing, boy
You are crying without me, like I said
I dance with someone else
And your eyes see red towards him

I laugh like I never could with you
I enjoy how he moves around me

You know
You loved me at nights, darling
You were everything and now you will be nothing
Don't look for me, I won't be
You'll only be one more ghost

You know
You had me at nights, honey
I am everything to someone else
Don't find me, now do you care?
I sleep better by his side

I didn't mean to hurt you, come back to me
Better look a new life than ruin

I beg you, Alison ... I don't want to go
You left a long time ago, Noah

I am so sorry I hurt you
I think it's time to get over it

It hurts to say goodbye
Bye ghost