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Here are some Summer Photography Ideas that I thought of and found, and would love to share with you all!

● At the beach

Splashing in the sea

girl, summer, and beach image Image by daria♡

Palm Tree's

background and summer image summer and sunset image

Wrapped in a towel

blonde, hair, and photography image summer, beach, and girl image

Sitting in the sand

beach, ocean, and surf image girl, summer, and beach image

● In the park

Having a picnic

girl, picnic, and summer image dog, adventure, and nature image

In a playground

photography, friendship, and girl image analog, blue, and canon ae-1 image

Bike rides

summer, bike, and friendship image girl, bike, and nature image


sky, swing, and vintage image Image by Private User

● By a lake

Looking out at a lake

art, beautiful, and girl image adorable, art, and beautiful image


girl, kayak, and lake image Image by discobaby


summer, jump, and lake image lake, photo, and light image

● Travelling

Famous places

girl, heart, and city image 🗼 and paris my home image

On a plane

travel, sky, and plane image art, airplane, and clouds image

On a boat

girl, ocean, and sea image girl, boat, and sea image

Road trips

beach, girl, and summer image Image by Private User


travel, passport, and goals image travel, passport, and map image

● Other inspiration

At Sunset

breathe, sun, and désert image beach, clouds, and ocean image

On a walk

couple, sky, and nature image fashion, aesthetic, and inspiration image

Summer hairstyles

bathing, long, and sun image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


friends, nature, and mountains image adventure, nature, and travel image


Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 rose, red, and aesthetic image

Climbing tree's

couple, aesthetic, and tree image summer, beach, and friends image


flowers, girl, and aesthetic image girl, flowers, and nature image

Three Summer Photography Tips:

Experiment with different filters! See what filters make colours more vibrant or if it works nicely in black and white!

Use the sun to your advantage! Create the golden hour look or create silhouettes by standing in front of the sun.

Have fun! Photography is about expressing yourself and shouldn't be something to get stressed out about. Don't be afraid to try new things!

The End! For more inspiration, check out my Summer and Adventure Collections!

Have a lovely day! X

Written By: @littlecityofstars as part of the SEASON's Project on the WHI Gazette.