hi everyone ! i recently read for the hundred times the ❝hunger games❞ and then i decided to do my own character so let's go !

some articles who inspired me !

—basic information

↳ name : thelia imogen sertley.
↳ birthday : august 24th.
↳ age : thirty (in the hunger games).


beauty, blonde, and fashion image hair, blonde, and aesthetic image skin image book, female, and girl image
thelia gets long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and pink lips. she has a thin but athletic body and multiple scars along with her skins, some memories from her hunger games.


shoes, vintage, and aesthetic image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image fashion, clothes, and outfit image fashion, green, and outfit image beautiful, blue eyes, and character image fashion, clothes, and style image


quotes, book, and words image eyes, heart, and eye image red, aesthetic, and sea image funny, meme, and quote image Image by Private User aesthetic image aesthetic, fake, and girl couple image quotes, tough, and words image quotes, love, and words image Image by Private User
thelia is a calm and observant person, she always seems to know more than anyone. she's optimistic, brave, resilient, and considerate. but she can also be secretive, egoistic sometimes and she's willing to do what she had to keep her and her friends safe.


aesthetic, beautiful, and flowers image book, art, and drawing image art, drawing, and plants image green, plants, and aesthetic image
thelia grows a garden, she also likes to draw occasionally.


aesthetic, star wars, and rey image hands image lamp image xx image
twelve ; coal mining.


jacket and sweater image aesthetic and sad image
george sertley ; her grandfather. both of her parents died soon after thelia was born, so it's her paternal father who takes care of her. he was an apothecary, so they lived in the merchant sector. george died one month after thelia won the hunger games, of illness. he was a sweet and caring man.

—the 61th hunger games

reaping attire

style image shoes, aesthetic, and fashion image necklace, aesthetic, and flowers image hair, hairstyle, and blonde image
thelia was chosen at seventeen years old.

parade attire

art, bold, and different image black, fashion, and jacket image boots, black, and combat boots image archive, theme, and archived image
as always, they have dressed like miners : a black suit and the miner's hat.

interview attire

designer, runway, and dress image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image gold, makeup, and eye image beautiful, beauty, and delicate image
back then, everybody agreed to say she looked like an angel.

game attire

aesthetic, green, and fallout image gloves, aesthetic, and black image black, boots, and shoes image fashion, hair, and tutorial image
they had simple but flexible outfits and practical to disappear in the landscape of the arena. they also had glove to climb. thelia had her hair styled in a crown.

the arena

nature, forest, and tree image nature, mountains, and rock image
the arena was formed of mountains all around a deep forest. in the center of the arena, there was a lake formed from the rivers coming from the mountains.

the games

quotes, kill, and black image Image by Private User
in the bloodbath, thelia fight with the male tribute of district six. she finally stabbed him with a spear and run away from the cornucopia with her spear, a knife, and a backpack. she established her camp in the mountains.
aesthetic, nature, and mountains image autumn, colours, and mountain image
on the third night, thelia was attacked by the female tribute of district seven. after a hand-to-hand fight, she manages to push her off the cliff.
shoes image nature, green, and river image
on the sixth day, she found herself in front of the female tribute of district four, a career. thelia ditched her in the mountains.
book, eyes, and girl image forest, hands, and nature image
the next night, she crosses the females of both districts two and four. they're attacked by a bear, thelia pushes the female tribute of district two to the bear to escape and the district four girl follows her. unfortunately, the bear follows them. the two girls climb a tree but eventually the female tribute of district four falls.
forest and tree image black, quotes, and alternative image
on the eleventh night, while she was hunting for food, she as attacked by the male tribute of district nine. during the fight, she was stabbed in the left arm. she kills him by stabbing him in the head.
hair, water, and art image mountains, beach, and theme image
on the fourteenth day, she decided to leave the mountains to find the last tribute. she found the female tribute of district ten at the lake and they started to fight into it. the other tribute tried to drown thelia and nearly succeed but then thelia reached her spear which had falls in the lake and then speared her. then, she becomes the victor of the 61th hunger games.


aesthetic and red image Abusive image
thelia's main weapon is a spear but she's really good at hand to hand fight.

—the 74th hunger games

infeliz image fashion, black, and gold image books, bravery, and fear image adventure, girl, and art image
when they first met, thelia knew haymitch and katniss were the same, which makes her laugh. she gets along with peeta and katniss quick and takes them under her wings. during the game, thelia did her best to keep katniss and peeta alive. keeping haymitch sober (even if with her, he drink less more), convinces sponsor to bet on them and send them gifts.

—the 75th hunger games

me, phrases, and quotes image Image by girlysanderella
when the president snow made the annunciation, thelia didn't take it well. at first, she freezes and then, she started crying and screaming like crazy. after all, she's still traumatized by the games and the only she recovers was because she convinced herself she'll never return. haymitch, with who she was watching the annunciation, had to sedate her to calm her. after that haymitch forbid peeta to try to convince her to be a volunteer for katniss.
Temporarily removed hair, braid, and blonde image
she started training herself harder than usual for the games along with haymitch, peeta, and katniss. finally, it's katniss who was chosen.
blogger, look, and lovely style image quotes image
along with the other victor, they joined the rebellion while being the mentor of katniss and peeta. she couldn't be prouder when peeta put up the fake pregnancy.

—the rebellion

grey, broken, and rock image black, black and white, and modern image
as soon as they moved to the district thirteen, thelia sent haymitch to rehab and manage to take care of katniss and finnick, while she undergoes with the wrath of katniss because of the capture of peeta. she helped her with her role of mockingjay.
rebel, quotes, and die image hair, girl, and blonde image
after the return of peeta, she also takes care of him while haymitch and katniss go to district two. thelia started to do spots of propaganda and finally be part of the star squad.
accessories, hair, and beauty image book, eyes, and girl image
when peeta joined the star squad, thelia known that katniss was in danger and started to be more protective of her. after the death of boggs, peeta attacked her because she throws herself in front of katniss during one of his crises.
aesthetic, star wars, and futuristic image fashion, outfit, and clothes image
thelia was injured in the transfer but she still manages to go to the snow's mansion with peeta. when the streets became mortals traps, she loses peeta but founds katniss instead. both were injured by the bombs. after that, when the victors decided if they will be one last hunger games, she follows katniss's vote.


arrow and black&white image hair, braid, and black image
as katniss's mentor, the two went through a lot and grow strong. if thelia should trust someone with her life, it's katniss.
boy, model, and aesthetic image bread, food, and hands image
being peeta's mentor, thelia also considering him as a great friend. the two have a lot in commons: they draw together, takes care of haymitch and katniss together...
blue, gold, and pink image quotes, aesthetic, and text image
effie and thelia were the mothers of the group, trying to make everyone behave.
doctor, fun, and health image cat, animal, and grey image
primrose treated many of thelia's injuries due to her training, so they started to know each other and became friends. her death makes thelia really sad.
book, percy jackson, and hoo image aesthetic, bubbles, and blue image
thelia didn't get to know finnick until the rebellion, and he became a great friend. before going to the war at the capitol, they promised each other that if one of them died, the other should take care of annie for thelia and haymitch for finnick.
autumn, fall, and sweater image hair image
annie and thelia crossed each other routes before the rebellion but never really talked. but when they finally do, they immediately became a friend. their character matches, thelia helps annie with her anxiety.
glasses and aesthetic image coffee image
beetee's intelligence always amazed thelia, she loves to talks with him.
hair, brown hair, and girl image Image by Private User
cecelia was her best friend. they knew each other for a long time, as their hunger games were close and they have the same age. thelia is the godmother of one of her kids. her death is the biggest pain thelia ever experimented.

─love interest

blonde, aesthetic, and girl image love and quotes image love image affection, beige, and hands image
her relationship with haymitch was complicated for a while. behind it, there are years of friendship but somehow, there was always more. they helped each other to deal with trauma, with the pain and how to live with it. eventually, after one hunger games where their tribute died one again, they slept together. but they didn't want to fall in love (especially haymitch), because of the capitol and the danger it represented for us if they cared more for each other. but the fact was that they were already in love. so they kept their relationship secret from the capitol. even katniss and peeta didn't know before returning to the district twelve after the games. however, during the war, their relationship became official and they got married in district thirteen (not a big thing though, they didn't felt like it).

─after the rebellion

window, home, and light image nails image green, M, and op image couple, love, and hands image
after staying a while in the capitol with peeta for a medical reason, they finally came back to the district twelve, to katniss and haymitch. they all stayed in the victor's village, but haymitch came live with thelia in her former house instead of his former gloomy house. together, they slowly heal from the rebellion and the hunger games.

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