Name: Rayen Levy
Birthday: May 14th, 1985

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Rayen (pronounced Rye-en) Levy was born May 14th, 1985 in the Harlem, NYC and grew up with her parents Cohen and Julia. She was a very talented girl and excelled in the arts and writing, but surprised everyone when she decided to join the army right after high school. She did two tours in Afghanistan before coming back home and joining the New York Police Academy. She graduated top of her class and was awarded the NYPD Firearms Proficiency badge at graduation. She worked on the streets for three years before making Detective. After a few more years she finally made her way to Manhatten SVU.
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Looks: Tan skin, dark brown hair and eyes, face claim Cote De Pablo.
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Personality: Rayen has a very strong will, and that took her far in the army. But she saw combat over there, like most soldiers, and she is a little damaged from it. But coming back home, getting herself into a place where she felt safe to join the police academy and graduated top of her class made here proud of her journey. She is also someone who is very kind, mostly because she had to be a soldier for so long that when she isn't being serious and is relaxed enough around people, you can really see this kind, gentle woman behind the badge.
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Professional/Court day outfits
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Job: NYPD Detective working at the Manhattan Special Victims Unit.


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Sgt./Lt./Capt. Olivia Benson: Olivia hired Rayen when Nick Amaro put in his papers to move to California. Olivia gets along really well with Rayen, and they both have long talks about PTSD (Olivia from her assaults and other experiences and Rayen from combat). If SVU ever needed another Sargent other than Finn, Olivia would talk to Rayen about it.
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Detective Amanda Rollins: Amanda and Rayen got along after a few shaky months because Amanda felt like Rayen was replacing Nick. Eventually they would partner up a lot being that SVU is always short staffed. Rayen also would check in on Rollins after Jesse was born and would babysit if Rollin's sitter couldn't make it.
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Det/Sgt. Fin Tutuola: Fin was cool with Rayen, especially when he found out that she grew up in Harlem (near where he grew up), and that she served in the army like him. They would partner up together when needed, and seemed to vibe really well when working together.
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Detective Dominic "Sonny" Carisi: Sonny and Rayen got along right from the start, being around the same age and both loving food. They would partner up most of the time being that they were both new (even tho Carisi was showing her the ropes). They became close friends, even best friends.
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ADA Rafael Barba: Barba acting towards Rayen the way he acted towards anyone who wasn't Olivia; with sarcasm and not putting much stock into their suggestions when he thinks they sound stupid. He became a good friends to her, but they weren't that close.


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Sonny Carisi: Sonny and Rayen started dating a couple months after they met, and really falling in love hard. Religion does come up a bit with Carisi being raised Catholic and Rayen being raised Jewish, but they finally settle on a 2 religion household when they decided that their relationship was for the long haul.
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Rayen's Instagram: @ HarlematHeart