Hey guys, how are you?
And it's August already.
I hope this month is good for all of us. Well, nothing better than starting the month with a list of recommendations. And no, this time it's not about songs hahahaha
I have noticed that a lot of clubs have appeared here at We Heart It and I am very excited about this initiative. It is a way to bring the site back to life.
Songs, books, tips, anonymous texts ... we have a little bit of everything here.

the bookaholics club
the bookaholics club
Starting with me and my girls. The bookaholics club is a group of three people who love books. And I am in that group. It's been a lot of fun reading new books, writing about books, everything about books. I love reading since I was a little girl and being able to talk about one of my passions made me extremely excited.
A little about us!
And we're looking for new members. Check our article to know more and the form to have a chance to join us
One of my favorites. The Honey Club is a club that has a variety of articles: tips, playlists, summer articles, movie recommendations. It has everything. And they are looking for new members.
Check their rules and have a chance to join an amazing club!
I really love greek mitology. When I found this club, my heart started to race. THE TENTH MUSES. Okay, in mitology we have nine, but still amazing. I don't know a lot of people that like mitology. They write about everything too, and mitology hahahaha
This is my fave article. I'm a writer and reading about someone who published a book is inspiring. I'm always reading this article. It makes me hope that one day I will also publish my first book.
We Heart It Gazette
We Heart It Gazette
I really love We Heart It Gazette articles. I saw their article about Taylor Swift and I literally screamed. They also write about books and various subjects.
My fave <3
Elements Club appeared out of nowhere to me. And I loved it. My first article read was about Rick Riordan, my favorite author. On the same day I read all of their articles hahahaha.
And they looking for new members too. Check their article about it.
WHI Anonymous
WHI Anonymous
My first article was about past. I cried because I still fight with my past and after this article...I felt better.
I love this article so much
I love music. I listen music almost 24/7. And we have a music club too!!!
I love tags and I love female artists. And my queen Taylor is in this article
We Are Survivors
We Are Survivors
Self-care is huge important thing. Mental health too. And we have both in this club.
care, community, and feed image
They're searching new members and stories. Send them an email and be a member or share your story.

We have a lot of new clubs and I'm loving it. Thank you so much for making this platform come back to life little by little.

I hope you enjoyed
Stay safe.

XOXO, Amanda.