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I decided to put together my favourite korean music releases of June and July. The list will be long since it was hard to choose only a few songs.
Hope you will like it~
Here's the link of the playlist:
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SUNMI - pporappippam (보라빛 밤)

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Sunmi is such a queen. Each one of her songs is so addictive and so iconic. I have been listening to pporappippam several times a day for weeks now and I am still not tired of it! Each time I listen to this song I find a new way to appreciate it.

VICTON - Mayday (메이데이)

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VICTON music is very sophisticated. Their vocals are smooth and I never get tired of them. Furthermore, I think that Hanse rap is very interesting and makes their music even more addictive.

Stray Kids - God's Menu (神메뉴)

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God's Menu is iconic. Stray Kids are iconic. When it comes to music they are talented, passionate and dedicated. They produce all of their songs since forever. Their rap line is explosive, their dance line is amazing and the cherry on top is their vocal line. I really appreciate groups that produce their own music like Stray Kids, I think that this way it is easier for them to show their true colours. But what I like the most about Stray Kids is the fact that they seem to enjoy what they do and I find them really spontaneous.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Easy
  • Another Day
  • Phobia
  • Blueprint
  • TA
  • TOP (Tower of God OP)

NATURE - Girls (어린애)

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Girls is one of the best songs of the last two months, in my opinion. It was love at first listen.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • DIVE

LEE HI - HOLO (홀로)

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Lee hi is finally back with a new single. This is her first release since joining her new label AOMG. HOLO lyrics are extremely relatable and the melody of the song is amazing, but the best part is Lee hi's ability to convey emotions through her voice. This makes the song even more intense. "Being alone, staying still || Is it that difficult to do || Whether being alone or together || The loneliness feels the same || One day it will stop"

Heize - Lyricist (작사가)

lyricist, heize, and jang dahye image lyricist, heize, and jang dahye image
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Things are going well
  • Your name

Junggigo - warm

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Golden Child - ONE (Lucid Dream)

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Golden Child, as their senior labelmate Infinite, always comeback with really catchy and high quality title tracks.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Make Me Love


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Apple marks the start of a new era for Gfriend. From the music to the concept, everything is completely different from their previous releases. I think that this new mature image suits the girls a lot. Also the other songs of the album are very good, give them a listen if you have some time :)
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Room of Mirrors
  • Stairs in the North

Hwasa - Maria

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Hwasa voice is so addictive: she could sing the bill of the restaurant and I would still love it. Not only she is a great singer, but I also find her confidence and her pride of great inspiration.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • WHY

Crush - OHIO

crush, kr&b, and krnb image crush, khiphop, and khh image

IRENE & SEULGI - Naughty (놀이) || Monster

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When I first heard about this sub-unit I was really excited, because Red Velvet are Red Velvet, you know lol. Monster is intense and I like the overall concept, while Naughty has these hypnothic beat ad coreography that remain stuck in the head. The coreographies of both the songs are very unique, and thanks to Naughty I think that "tutting" will become a dance trend among idols. I like the fact that Irene sang more than usual since her voice is pretty; plus she has this special aura that is very charming. Both Irene and Seulgi have such class and natural elegance that is always nice to watch them performing.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Feel Good


exy, yeoreum, and wjsn image
This song is very addictive. I find myself singing " fly like a butterflyyyy" all day long lol
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • HOLA
  • Pantomime
  • Our Garden


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SEVENTEEN - Left & Right

17, bss, and DK image
I love this comeback. The song is catchy and the MV concept is really funny. Plus, Seventeen are always so extra - even their talent is extra!! - that is impossible not to love them.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Fearless
  • My My
  • Kidult
  • Together

WayV - Turn Back Time

gif, kpop, and wayv image
What can I say? WayV are so talented.

BLACKPINK - How You Like That

asian, dance, and k-pop image

HYO - DESSERT (feat. Loopy, SOYEON of (G)I-DLE)

gif, snsd, and hyoyeon image

SOMI - What You Waiting For

gif, kpop, and somi image

SF9 - Summer Breeze (름 향기가 날 춤추게 해)

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Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Go High
  • My Story, My Song

EXO-SC - Telephone (feat. 10CM)

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Suggested tracks of the album:
  • 1 Billion Views
  • Rodeo Station

N.Flying - Oh Really. (아 진짜요.)

kpop, hweseung, and hun image
Suggested tracks of the album:

YunB - L.A.F.S. (feat. C JAMM)

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This song is really amazing and the way the MV starts is so funny. YunB is always so hilarious. Also if you read some of my previous articles you probably already know that I am a fan of C JAMM. I think that he is perfect for this featuring, since the song is really close to his style.

THAMA - Do It For Love (feat. George)

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msftz - bye bye i finally disappear from your life

kpop and msftz image book and flowers image


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Sik-k - TELL YA!

minsik, khh, and sik-k image loco, jay park, and aomg image
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • DARLING (feat. Crush)

BLOO - When I smoke (내가 담배 태울 때)

bloo image cute, khh, and bloo image

BewhY x Son Simba - Hymn (힘)

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BewhY always talked openly abouth his faith and this time he is back with a new album about it, featuring Simba Zawadi/ Son Simba. Even though I am not religious I really enjoyed listening to this album, it is somehow spiritual. As always BewhY beats are amazing and peculiar.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Holy Ghost is Coming Down. Kneel
  • Let me know, God (feat. C JAMM, Jvcki Wai)

PENTAGON - Basquiat

kino, hui, and gif image
"With a single seed I bloomed a flower || A dungeon called the world, I throw myself into it || Spent too many nights wide awake || In chains, crying out silent tears || All the sorrow inside and deep agony || Fly away as ashes"


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Suggested tracks of the album:
  • On Air

Jang Sung Kyu - WORKMAN (워크맨) (feat. Sik-k, Jay Park) (prod. GroovyRoom)

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ZICO - Summer Hate (feat. Rain)

cartoon, zico, and block b image aesthetic, theme, and japan image
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Cartoon
  • Roommate

Hoody & Bronze - Submarine (잠수함)

aesthetic, blue, and ghibli image hoody, model, and idol image

SSAK3 - Beach Again (다시 여기 바닷가)

gif, idol, and kpop image
For the ones who don't know them, SSAK3 are a project group composed of three veterans of the korean entertainment industry: Yoo Jae Suk, queen Lee Hyori and Rain. They are having a lot of success with this project.

APRIL - Now or Never

april, beautiful, and gif image

Eric Nam - Paradise

eric, gif, and kpop image
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Down For You
  • Love Die Young

Weki Meki - OOPSY

kpop, oopsy, and suyeon image
Weki Meki songs are always extremely catchy and I really enjoy listening to the girls voices.
Suggested tracks of the album:
  • The Paradise

Babylon - Nice Weather (feat. Gaho)

Babylon, singer, and korean image

eaJ - Pacman

gif, Jae, and day6 image

ASH ISLAND - Error (feat. Loopy)

ash island and yoon jinyoung image aesthetic, asian, and asian boy image
ASH ISLAND is one of the best new artists in the k-hiphop scene, in my opinion. His song are always so overwhelming and different.


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punchnello - us (feat. meenoi)

book, bed, and aesthetic image punchnello image

Junoflo & Horim - Bloom

rapper and junoflo image aesthetic, box, and beige image

Jooyoung - Love Distance(요를 붙이는 사이) (feat. Heize)

boy, jooyoung, and korean image Image removed

JUNE - Beautiful (feat. Gaho, Moti, Jung Jin Woo)

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Suggested tracks of the album:
  • Now (feat. Thama)
  • Anywhere

TOO - Step By Step

gif, kpop, and too image

1THE9 - Bad Guy

handsome, korea, and 1the9 image
Suggested tracks of the album:

GreatGuys - RUN (내 심장은 널 향해 뛰어)

k-pop, greatguys, and donghwi image
What I like about this song is how the beat suddenly changes in different parts.

I am sorry guys, this playlist was very long and probably my comments were a bit boring. I hope you enjoyed the playlist anyway.
Remember to stay safe and wear masks!
See you soon, guys
P.S. For the translation of the lyrics of Holo by Lee hi and Basquiat by Pentagon all credits go to Color Coded Lyrics site.
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Stray Kids - GO LIVE


Heize - Lyricist

Golden Child - Take A Leap

GFRIEND - 回:Song of the Sirens

Hwasa - María

Irene & Seulgi - Monster

WJSN - Neverland


SEVENTEEN - Heng:garæ

SF9 - 9loryUS

EXO-SC - 1 Billion Views

N.Flying - So, 通 (COMMUNICATION)

Sik-k - HEADLINER (Deluxe)

BewhY, Simba Zawadi - NEO CHRISTIAN



Eric Nam - The Oder Side

Weki Meki - HIDE and SEEK

JUNE - Ending

TOO - Running TOOgether

1THE9 - Turn Over