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So here's my Camila Cabello tag. To clarify, the songs that are apearing on this tag are only the ones when she's a solo artist.
Hope you like it!

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first song you heard

black and white, blanco y negro, and broken image camila cabello and crying in the club image
I Have Questions / Crying in the club

favourite song

quotes image camila cabello image
Real Friends

least favourite song

aesthetic, art, and bio image camila cabello image
She Loves Control

favourite album

Image removed romance, camila, and fifthharmony image

favourite mv

liar, white, and shameless image cry, la, and romace image

favourite Camila song

never be the same, camila cabello, and camila cabello lyrics image blue, latina, and mexico image
Never Be the Same

favourite Romance song

liar, white, and shameless image camila cabello image

favourite collab

tumblr, my oh my, and camila cabello image camila cabello, dababy, and my oh my image
My Oh My (ft. DaBaby)

a song you wish was a single

camila cabello image camila cabello and camilacabello image
Should've Said It

most underrated song

alone, heartbreak, and liar image camila cabello and fashion image
Feel It Twice

most overrated song

senorita and shawn mendes image camila cabello and shawn mendes image
Señorita (w/Shawn Mendes)

a song that makes me feel sad

quotes image camila cabello and camila image
Something's Gotta Give

a song that makes me feel nostalgic

dad, girl, and rose image camila cabello, grammy, and fifth harmony image
The First Man

a song that I wish more people knew about

Lyrics, moon, and music lyrics image camila cabello, female, and woman image
Only Told The Moon

a song whose lyrics I love

quotes, consequences, and Lyrics image princess, camila cabello, and camila † image

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