fuck you

for what you did to me
for what i’ve become thanks to you
for all the times you hurt me
for all the times i wanted to hurt myself
for all the things you said to me
for the abuse
for all the things you did to make me feel worthless
for telling me i was worthless
for getting my hopes up
for shattering them with one single harsh step
for the manipulation
for the gaslighting

you’re the reason i’m like this
and you blame me for all my mistakes

i’m not doing this on purpose
i’m not doing this to make you angry
i’ve had enough of that already

i’m not the perfect person you wished i’d be
and you’re too bitter about it to notice
that i actually tried

fuck you

i’ll love you forever, and that’s my only mistake.

( i needed to let this out, if it stayed in my drafts i'd probably go insane )