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Name: Mila
Surname: Johnson
Meaning of the name: "miracle" or "dear one"
Gender: female
Birthday: 17th September
Age: 17
Zodiac Sign: virgo
Family: her mom, dad and brother

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Haircolour: black
Eyecolour: brown
Height: 5''5
Weight: 49 kg

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Mila is a girl full of joy and happiness but also shows sympathy to others. She hates seeing people suffer and tries everything to make them feel better.

- Reading
- Horror movies
- Any kind of music except Country

- Country music
- Seeing people sad
- Spiders
- Alcohol

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Her Story:

She moved to another city with her family for the new school year, because her dad got a new job. She's excited about the new school year and becomes friends with people easily.


Thank you for reading. This is another character for my new story "There's Always Another Way". I'll upload the characters in the following days.

I wanna remind you that this chracter is mine and that he came out of my mind. You can, of course, take inspiration of her but please don't copy her, thank you.

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