Hi, I'm not dead.
I'm still technically doing this, although it's been over a year since my last post on WHI in general, much less since my last writing prompt post. I was finishing up college, so I was quite busy, but I do want to return to writing articles.
For this prompt, the format is a bit different, since I used it for a writing exercise in an intro writing class in college. The goal was to write the same scene from different point of views. I hope you enjoy this :)

Day 11 ~ "is this one of those times when you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions?"

Third Person omniscient

She said it with a bit of venom, but it wasn’t on purpose. It was just the stress talking. He knew that, after all they had been through together. And his emotions weren’t delicate, they both knew that. He just liked the more positive, unrealistic outlook, while she preferred to be realistic, even if it was negative and hard to hear. She wanted to be positive for him, to tell him that despite the fact the two of them were sitting in ashes and debris, everything was truly alright. He rubbed his face, trying to decide. The silence after the explosion was deafening. He could only imagine the death and destruction on the other side of the half of a wall that was left. Did he want the truth? What he wanted was for her to take cover, to stop peeking over the wall, to come back for safety. She had to know what was going on, though. She wanted to move on quickly, to get somewhere safer. She just needed to know if he could make it through the apocalyptic scene before her. Their silence matched that of the world around them, not just this building, but the whole planet.

Third Person limited omniscience

She said it with a bit of venom. She hoped he could tell that it wasn’t on purpose. She hadn’t meant to sound angry, and she certainly wasn’t angry with him. She was just stressed. Having something explode near you did that to a person. She wanted to give him something positive to think about, but she also wanted to be honest with him. And, to be honest, there wasn’t much positivity to be found above the half of wall they were cowering behind. While she waited for a response, she surveyed their surroundings. Dust and rubble were settling, she could see figures lying on the ground. He wouldn’t like hearing that. She had to think clearly, to formulate a plan to get them out of there. She just needed to make sure he felt okay before leaving this area.

Second Person

You clutched your knees tight to your chest, blinking rapidly. You just had to get the dust out of them. You were not crying. There wasn’t time for crying. Her voice crashed down on you, carrying a bite that you recognized from when you were in high school and she had that big project due the next day. You had wanted to play video games; at the time, you had ignored her stress. That fight seemed so far away now, beyond the edge of the dust cloud that thankfully obscured your view. The wall pressed again your back, bringing a misplaced sense of security. You weren’t sure if you wanted a sweet lie or the bitter truth. You knew you had to go that way to get to safety. But you didn’t know if you were up to seeing what had happened. You picked at the rip in your jeans, like you always did when you were nervous. You had to decide between bad and worse. You knew she was waiting for you.

First Person

I said it, hating how clichéd it sounded. That was definitely a line out of one of my apocalypse movies, although which one, I couldn’t say. My hands pressed into the destroyed wall we hid behind, the cracked stone digging into my palms. It hurt, but it was a familiar hurt, like when I used to do handstands on the cement in the schoolyard and stand up to see all the shapes the loose gravel made in my palms. I squinted in the dusty air, trying to make out anything. Unfortunately, what I could make out was not what I wanted to tell him. I was pretty sure those fallen, mangled shapes were bodies. I tore my attention away from that and examined the area around us, trying to discern a reasonable path through the area that would keep us covered from sight. We would need to move soon, so as to not be discovered by them. I just needed him to tell me what he wanted to hear, because that would change my plans. I always had two, just in case, just for him.

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