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The 1th of August was the 6th anniversary of my favorite girlgroup Red Velvet, my girls are so strong and talented, I can't wait to see them together again like a OT5.
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So to celebrate I decided to do a playlist of the solos because I already have a playlist of the group activities, and I included aseul monster because it was an official debut like a sub unit.
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Here is the playlist anyway:
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Irene (miss original visual) have just one song solo, and she decerve better, such a talented lider.
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Seulgi (cutie bear) have a mix with a few collab with Wendy (ost for kdramas) and with kr&b artists, such a strong and smooth mix.
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Wendy (always missing u) she is the queen and her solos and collabs are another level. (bro even John Leyend and Ricky Martin)
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Joy (sweet voice) her solos are so versatile, there are ost, collabs, kr&b, ballads, just ask.
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Yeri (the real CEO) my producer and song writer, her songs are cute, kind and sweet.
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Here is the playlist with the solos, I hope you like this and if you are a luvie, happy 6th anniversary!!