what’s your zodiac sign?
eyes, glitter, and gold image happy, quotes, and bright image
where would you go if you could travel anywhere?
florida - usa
which celebrity do you look up to?
bw, emma watson, and photoshoot image emma watson, harry potter, and hermione granger image
emma watson
do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
what’s your favorite swear word?
"fuck", lol
are you a mountain or sea person?
beach, summer, and ocean image beach and sea image
which song always cheers you up?
want to - dua lipa
is there a fantasy world you would like to live in, if so, which one?
hogwarts, harry potter, and castle image dragon, got, and game of thrones image
i would love to go to hogwarts
what’s your lucky number?
I think it's 10 because it's the day I was born
what’s your guilty pleasure?
food, pancakes, and strawberry image chocolate, food, and strawberry image
anything with nutella
if you could choose one element for bending, what would it be?
water, so i could turn it to ice
what is the one thing you can’t live without?
guitar, pastel, and pink image music, aesthetic, and theme image
what’s your favorite sad song?
everything is embarassing - sky ferreira
which app are you addicted to?
twitter, for sure
are you a morning or an evening person?
black, dark, and gold image drink, wine, and luxury image
I'm an evening person
what’s a random interest or passion of yours?
i'm into astrology
if you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
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did you have fun?
hope you have enjoyed
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