25 Melancholy Songs To Listen To:

1. Medicine – Daughter

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2. Smiling When I Die – Sasha Sloan

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3. I Lost a Friend – FINNEAS

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4. i love you – Billie Eilish

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5. Broken – Anson Seabra

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6. Paralyzed – NF

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7. Please Never Fall in Love Again – Ollie MN

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8. This Is Home – Cavetown

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9. Love Me or Leave Me – Little Mix

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10. Sorry – Halsey

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11. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray

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12. Coffee – beabadoobee

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13. Cherry Wine – Hozier

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14. Already Gone – Sleeping At Last (COVER)

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15. I Can’t Carry This Anymore – Anson Seabra

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16. Half A Man – Dean Lewis

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17. you were good to me – Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler

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18. Happiest Year – Jaymes Young

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19. the lonely – Christina Perri

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20. Forever – Danger Incorporated

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21. Undo – Sanna Nielson

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22. Somebody Else – Johnny Brenns

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23. Lose You To Love Me – Selena Gomez

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24. Older – Sasha Sloan

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24. July – Noah Cyrus

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