welcome to day iii! today i will share with you two memories that i cherish in my heart.

🌻 day iii: write about two memories.

  • the last concert i went to

on december of last year i went with one of my middle school best friends to see shawn mendes -that for the first time came to south america. i have been a huge fan of him since i was 14 so getting the chance to seeing him live was unbelievable. i went to her house, i said hi to her family and some friends from her new school back then, and went listening to some shawn’s music to warm up. it was a fun and nostalgic concert, such an amazing night; the music was great and in quarantine is something that i really miss. i will always look back at that night with a beautiful smile.

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  • my first night in rapanui

i traveled on december of 11th grade with my class to rapa nui with the end of being together before 12th grade and leave high school. my first night there was beautiful, after a sunny and heavy day with activities we stayed outside, under the stars in the magnificent island. we shared our thoughts about leaving, our fears with the future and i just remember looking up and feeling in peace. it will be forever one of my favorite memories in my life.

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