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In this article I would like to share my goals for this month

August goals:

  • read more books
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I like reading books but recently I can't bring myself to even finish reading a book. I have been too busy distracting myself on social media, games, watching movies/tv series instead of reading.

  • learn new languages
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Although I know that a month can't help to fully learn something but as they said it;

small progress is still a progress.

Because I watched a lot of anime and kdrama, I feel like I want to start learning Korean and Japanese. Also, learn to improve my English.

  • don't wear earphones on loud volume for a long hour
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lately, I feel like my inner ear started to hurt because I can't stop myself from blasting music to full volume while wearing my earphones so I want to try hearing less loud volume using earphones.

  • spent less time on social media

I have been searching a lot about social media 'detox' . Almost all of the answers that I found, they always said it give them sorta healing to their lives. I want to do this because I feel like I always comparing my life to others, sometimes it even lead to jealousy meanwhile I did nothing in real life. I should get sh!t done instead of admiring people too much.

  • stop being toxic to myself

I need to stop being so negative to myself and need to appreciate myself for real. Forgive myself for all the silly things I've done and stop overthinking about it. Nobody even care or remember of all those time that I felt stupid.

  • journaling
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2020 by far probably the laziest year I've been. I stop writing my journal because I'm too lazy write. heck! I'm too lazy to think what should I write. Lot of blank pages in this year journal. I need to bring my head in the game and start writing.

hope i can make it till the end of month.....

Fighting! Don't give up. Please don't give up before trying - Me to myself

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