Hi Fashionable people! Today it's not about fashion or is it? 🤔

Today it's all about fights and Why is that for?

Recently I got into a huge fight with my mom and it kind of change my perspective in a big way.

Let me put you in context...

Ok, we all fight to our parents, siblings, uncles, aunts or anyone in general.

I have this thing that when I'm feeling like I have no control of the situation I just loose it and say the meanest things just so I don't feel hopeless.

This is just wrong you know... and sometimes you just have to fight back even you don't want to. This happens to me every time I fight with my parents. I just hate being angry with them, but I feel like you have to share your opinion even they don't want to hear it.

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It's just crazy to think that they were kids just like us, and they fight with their parents too. I guess when you grow up there are things you just forget 😞.

Long short story, just be polite.

There are going to be thousands of times someone is going to make you fight them, but there are things that are just not worth it!

My advice: share your opinions with wisdom and kindness. Remember you always need at least two to fight. Don't be the second one :)

In this times of weird situations and uncertainty it's better to focus on yourself, your goals and your mental health.

Best vibes to everyone!
And as always, if there is something you want to talk about you know where to find me.

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