My people, my folks, I'm back.... (let's add a iconic enter music please... please) anywayyyyyys. I was tired, drowned, no ideas, dying, hotel, trivago?

And yeah, after one week and a half... i have like 22 weeks of article ideas... my annoying self is going to be here during 22 weeks... I'm sorry. So, schedule that no one cares, article on mondays and on fridays alright? that's it, congrats.

So, article, story time. I started seeing multiple shows in this quarantine(? yeah, and i have not finished any of them (only Sherlock because... addiction) and i found some characters that are relatable... so this is the article in which you get aesthetic of random tv show people and story time, sorry.

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Fez - That '70s Show
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So, this guy is the exchanged friend student, he's english is kinda funny and def not the best... guess who is a Colombian person surrounded with people that talk good english...

*crying in i don't understand the half of things that i say and grammarly is my best friend *

Amy - Brooklyn 99
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I'm just gonna say that every time she wanted to win Holt's approval... I THOUGHT I WAS SEEING MYSELF WHILE TALKING TO TEACHERS OMG.

She likes order... the only difference is that i just can't drink, and coffee (FOR ME PEOPLE LETS BREATHE) its disgusting.. ew.

i just realized i don't watch that much of tv shows... so know you are listening to me babbling about books/animw, jej

Saiki K - Saiki K
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OKAY, OKAY, (if you haven't watch this anime... what are you even doing with your life mate?) this was the first anime i watched on netflix... no wait... that was death note... L... the point, the guys get's annoyed really easy and repeats a lot of times the best word.

The thing is that i do not know japanese so i can't tell you which word xd.

Aristotle - Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe
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Maaaate, i think i have not talked enough about this book even tho in every book article i have... is mentioned right? Okay so this are my articles and i can cry over this... THIS BOOK OMG.

But we are talking about the MC, this was the first book i read this year... and i have re-read it ten times... and every f*cking time, i fell more identified with Ari, the only difference is that im pretty positive... and i don't like to fight at all xd.

And ignoring all the article again, the author tweeted that he finished the book and that we must stay tuned for updates... MOM IM NOT OKAY IM SCARED PICK ME UP.


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Anyways my peopleeee, article no. 1 from 44 is finished... if read all of this congrats, you survived to me :D

Hope you are ok, hope you are having a good quarantine and stay safe!

Love & Peace mates,