We all struggle with procrastination, it's natural. But wouldn't life be so much better if we could just find something in us to push ourselves to do what we put off. Here are 5 tips to get done what you need.

Take this as a daily ritual and adjust as fits for you.

This idea is nowhere near mine. I stole it from Matt D'Avella, he's a fascinating filmmaker, youtuber and minimalist. I recommend you subscribe to his channel, trust me it's worth it.

1. Make coffee

or any other kind of drink you enjoy and which makes you feel more alive. (I personally use green tea) Take the time to really make it and don't stare at your phone at the same time. Feel present with your drink, make it a process.

2. Write out 1-3 most important tasks

This is best done handwritten, even when most planning is better done digitally. But really, take a notebook or a paper and write down the most important things you have to get done, don't write too much, 3 is just fine. Start small.

3. Find solitude

"Peace, quiet, and no other humans." as Matt said. Of course this might be tricky as many people live with spouses, kids, roomates etc. You have to get creative: schedule a time when you're planning to get sth done and tell the other people about it. Make sure nobody storms into your space dancing, even if that means locking the door or hanging up a don't disturb sign. Don't be afraid to make rules and boundaries.

4. Noise cancelling headphones

I can't express how big of a gamechanger this is. The idea is not to listen to music, which of course you can do if that helps, lofi hiphop is a great option. But actually the idea of the headphones is to block any outside noise, even if it's just birds chirping, the tv in the other room or your lousy neighbour mowing the lawn. Ths is a wonderful practise for solitude.

5. Eliminate distractions

This can be done in many ways, the most distracting device can be your phone, so go ahead and don't be afraid to turn off all of your notifications. In addition, download content blockers or any other apps to help you, if you're an iphone user you could also set a screen timer. Putting my phone somewhere I can't see it is a necessity for me personally, this small trick truly helps. Take some time to think beforehand and find ways to eliminate the distractions you have around your workspace.

That's it, feel free to change it up and try out different versions. Whatever works for you, honestly. Enjoy your productive flow.

Thanks to Matt, you truly saved my productive days.

All the best x

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