GHARDIRASOI – Manoj Kumar is an Indian child, born 23 July 1996 in Jalandhar and spent his childhood in Chandigarh. A 24-year-old boy who completed his graduation in Computer Application from SD College, Chandigarh. He is also an SEO Specialist in a reputed firm.

Before telling about @Ghardirasoi I want to seek your attention that from where this name “GHARDIRASOI” comes through. So let’s begin with Manoj as @Ghardirasoi. As a child, Manoj was fond of eating out and side by side he is also fond of his mother’s food too. “Almost everyone believes that their mother is the best cook under heaven” and he, too, think this about his mother cooking talent. Actually the main and best thing about his mother’s food is that her cooking has taught him to be healthy by “Ghar ka khana” in ghar di rasoi. So, One day he thinks why not he highlights his Maa ke hath ka khana in the Tricity and around. And then he started working on his dream by cooking food in Ghardirasoi with his Super Chef Mother and taking pictures also. His mother taught him the real meaning of health and he wanted to teach the same thing to people that how we take care of our health by cooking healthy food at home easily. He started taking pictures of home-cooked food and uploading their pictures on April 8th, 2018 with name tag “GHARDIRASOI” on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ghardirasoi had shared over 1,036 posts on Instagram, wherein, each one is exquisite and even more astonishing from the previous one.

Apart from Instagram people not only like his (Ghar Ka Khana) but also a fan of his food photography, food plating, and all over his content which he presented through @ghardirasoi page. Be patient. Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It took a long time to get where he is today and now the dreams come true but still he learns tips and tricks from others. Don’t be afraid to ask seasoned bloggers for advice. He did a lot of research and kept everything in one place and did practice so many times that even if a recipe doesn’t turn out, he takes a picture in believing that “taking a picture doesn’t mean you’ll post it but there’s always something you can learn from a shoot.” And this the main secret behind his fabulous work which makes him unique from other bloggers in the food blogging industry.

He may also engage with his readers because he also believes that readers should always come first. They are the reason why you blog. And by engaging with their readers @ghardirasoi covers a large no. of Indians restaurants in just a short span of 2years and also conquered the heart of 26.3 thousand netizens, which tends to grow and flourish by the day!

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