hi friends !!

im back with more playlists !! I just made these two so they aren't that big yet but if you need new music I got u !!

first: my August playlist
- I make a playlist every month for new songs I find
- check out my playlists for the other months
- link : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ExndGRTOVuRbDr93SyR4a?si=n-R5xFKURem4KcCl2uixUA

vibes playlist:
- idk how to describe this lmao
- Dominic fike, frank ocean, los retros, roy blair
- indie / soul / r&b vibes?? idk but
- linkhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/4zWXwYGnKkaekAg8pdQccC?si=VHdNeS_DRUKbzSnkkaa-cg

I have a bunch more playlists for every genre on my spotify (kaitlynsoto) these are just the ones I haven't shared yet!!

check it out and stay safe !!