This article is from the book " Whiskey in a Teacup" by Reese Witherspoon.
These are her grandmamma's seven guest tips. After purchasing this book, I learned so much and use these tips. I hope you enjoy it.

1. RSVP promptly. Everyone's time is valuable, and it's no joke to organize a party.

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2. When in doubt about how fancy it is, dress up. Better overdressed than underdressed!

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3. Bring something. You can't go wrong with a bottle of wine.

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4. Introduce your self to everyone ( first and last name) and try to talk to everybody. Especially anyone who seems a little lost or left out.

5. Offer to help the hosts carry trays, set out water, or whatever else needs to be done. Even if she says no, it's nice to offer.

6. Leave at a reasonable hour. Never be the last one to leave a party.

7. To show you appreciate the hospitality, send a quick thank-you by phone, email, or handwritten note.

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This is from Reese Witherspoon's "Whiskey in a Teacup". I do not take credit for this list. I recommend you buy this book. I
am hoping to write more things from this book.

xoxo Abigail.