hey! today I want to introduce you to some of my favorite cartoon shows. some of them are actually meant to be kids shows, but they are still deep and interesting even for adults. let's start!

1- gravity falls

cartoon, mabel, and dipper image gravity falls, mabel, and dipper image gravity falls, wendy, and mabel image gravity falls, dipper pines, and stanley pines image
"the show gravity falls is about the twins dipper and mabel who visit their gruncle stan in a small town in oregon. they quickly realize that this town is full of secrets and supernatural stuff they can discover with their new friends"

this show contains everything you need: great characters, friendship, family, mysteries and much more! 10/10 for me, best show ever!!

genre: action, drama, mystery, teen sitcom...
seasons: 2
where to watch: disney+

2- family guy

stewie, family guy, and funny image cartoon and memes image funny, meme, and tumblr image brian, cartoon, and griffin image
"family guy is a show about the fictive family griffin from a small town in rhode island."

family guy has a special humour. it's not very hard to understand, so it's the perfect show to watch when you don't want to think a lot. the characters are immaculate, for example the baby stewie: he is very into building machines and opens the door for supernatural adventures. I really enjoy this show so I have to give it 10/10.

genre: comedy
seasons: 18
where to watch: netflix (season 11-16)

3- adventure time

adventure time, JAKe, and finn image adventure time, cartoon, and finn image marceline, adventure time, and vampire image adventure time, hug, and funny image
"adventure time is a show about the human finn and the dog jake. they live in the land of ooo and love to help people. it contains fantasy, fairy tale and science fiction elements."

I really love the adventure time. the story line is a bit complicated, but the whole design of this cartoon is wonderful. I would say that the plot of this show and some episodes are too complex for kids, but teens and adults would love it! 9/10, a great show!

genre: fantasy, action, surreal humour...
seasons: 10
where to watch: netflix (season 5-6)

4- bojack horseman

cartoon, motivation, and netflix image cartoon, depression, and sad image movie, quote, and quotes image quotes and bojack horseman image
"after bojack horseman, the main character, finished his own show in the 90s, his life went downhill. now an interesting autobiographie should bring him back into bussines."

bojack horseman is a pretty sad show, with funny moments of course, but it has a deep and depressing core. the characters, the storyline, the artstyle, I love all of this. a solid 9/10 from me, would watch again.

genre: sitcom, dramedy
seasons: 6
where to watch: netflix

5- spongebob squarepants

ugly, spongebob, and funny image wallpaper, bob esponja, and spongebob image meme, reaction, and spongebob image loser, spongebob, and sad image
"the show is about a songe called spongebob, he lives in a pineapple under the sea. he loves his jobs, neighbors and friends. he's always nice, but also a bit naive."

spongebob is a classic. my humour will always stay on this level, how can you not laugh about a cute little sponge and his super dumb starfish friend. I love it and I'll never stop loving it. 9/10.

genre: comedy
seasons: 12
where to watch: netflix (season 5-7)

that's it! I hope you enjoyed it :)