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Name : P.L.U.T.O (Personification and Legalization of Utopia on This Orbit), like Pluto which has an orbit strongly inclined in comparison of the other planets is the solar system, P.L.U.T.O distinguish themselves to the other kpop group with their different way of making kpop music.
Number of members : 7 (4 boys and 3 girls)
Debut date : 18th May of 2021
Concept : Versatile but tends to dark and chill, try to experiment as much as possible.
Fandom : Charon, the largest moon of Pluto.
Compagny : Poppy Entertainment (fictional)

Particularity : All members participate in the creating process, they compose, write, find the identity of comebacks and the choregraphy when there's one. Because of their name, they always have to bring something new since the personification of Utopia is a subjective concept. They still found a way to creat personal matter that represents perfectly the group.
Reactions from the public : Intrigued for sure, but some people questionned the group about a real belonging to Kpop.

Facts :
° Except for Hwila, the members are not willing to dye their hair.
° They're all big fans of Mamamoo, Day6 and Zico.
° They're all pissed by the disband of Triple H, they had so much potential in their eyes.
° There's three bedrooms in their dorm, two of two and one of three (Hwila and Jungbae / Boram and Romy / Issei, Oliver and Gukyo)
° They creat themselves the group, they have a solide relationship since their trainees day.
° All of them don't like aegyo.
° Every friday evening at their dorm, it's board games time.
° Most of their Vlive are done without makeup, they like to let their skin breaths when they don't work.
° Since Romy intruced them with French music, they're all fond of it.



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Stage name : Boram
Full name : Moon Boram
Birth : May 20, 1997, Jeju-do, South Korea
Positions : Leader / Main vocalist
Languages spoken : Korean / English

Appearance :
° 168 cm
° shoulder lenght thick dark brown hair
° Brown mono eyelids eyes
° Tan skin
° Curvy body

Facts :
° Powerful and a little bit husky voice
° Very protective over her members.
° Huge Halsey fan and cover a lot of her songs.
° When she's stressed, she paints or makes huge puzzle. Sometimes she's joined by Oliver or/and Gukyo.
° Very attentive and carefull for her surrounding and entourage.
° She's friend with plenty idols.


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Stage name : Issei
Full name : Endo Issei
Birth : February 8, 1998, Kyoto, Japan
Positions : Lead rapper / Sub vocalist
Languages spoken : Japanese / Korean

Appearance :
° 182 cm
° Black undercut
° Black double eyelids eyes
° Muscular
° Huge smile

Facts :
° a little singing way of rap.
° Medium tone voice
° Extrovert but not loud, very sweet and kind.
° Loves to tease his fellow members, in a loving way, especially his roommates which are Oliver and Gukyo.
° Huge tattoos on his body which represent his family and self.
° His dream is to be part of the Big Tiddie Gang, so he spends a lot of his free time in the gym.


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Stage name : Oliver
Full name : Oliver Huang
Birth : November 14, 1998, London, UK
Positions : Main vocalist / Lead dancer
Languages spoken : English / Mandarin / Korean

Appearance :
° 180 cm
° Black mono eyelids cat eyes
° Short black and a little wavy bob cut
° Tan skin
° Has Freckles

Facts :
° Kind of quiet, but not shy. He just doesn't like to talk too much and prefers to listen.
° Used to travel a lot with his family before becoming a trainee especially in countries with a warm climat. The sun exposure gives him his freckles.
° More into alternative, indie and funk rock band, his favorite are Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Strokes.
° Had arrived in the compagny at the same time as Romy, because they're both foreigner to South Korea they help each other and get along well.
° Passionate about music since his a kid, couldn't live without it, it's a part of him.
° Collabors a lot with other artists.


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Stage name : Romy
Full name : Romy Seo
Birth : November 27, 1999, Brest, France
Positions : Main dancer / Lead vocalist
Languages spoken : French / Korean / English

Appearance :
° 170 cm
° Bob cut black curly hair.
° Green eyes with double eyelids.
° Looks a lot like her mother who's korean except for her hair and eyes color which are from her father.

Facts :
° 1/4 French and 3/4 Korean, her father is half Korean half French and her mother is Korean.
° Smooth medium tone voice.
° Writes a lot of stories and can play harmonica.
° Loves the sea since she grew up near the french coast.
° Used to learn design and art in high school, so knows quite a lot about history of art.
° Takes modern and contemporary dance lessons since she's 11.


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Stage name : Jungbae
Full name : Park Jungbae
Birth : June 4, 2000, Daegu, South Korea
Positions : Main rapper / Sub vocalist
Languages spoken : Korean / English

Appearance :
° 165 cm
° Brown mono eyelids eyes
° Eye smile
° Black short straight hair seperate in the middle of his head (if it makes sense)

Facts :
° High-pitched voice
° Consider Hwila like his sister, they do everything together.
° Ambivert and ambidextrous.
° Can play the guitar and piano.
° Huge piercings fan, has five on the left ears and three on the right, want one on his lower lip.
° Huge fan of Sunmi voice, could actually kill for a collaboration with her.


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Stage name : Hwila
Full name : Kim Hwila
Birth : June 6, 2000, Daegu, South Korea
Positions : Main rapper / Sub vocalist
Languages spoken : Korean / Japanese / English

Appearance :
° 164 cm
° Black mono eyelids cat eyes
° Bob cut, dyed blond straight (she sometimes curles them) hair with a thin bang (same as Wheein in Wind Flower MV)
° Dimples

Facts :
° Deep voice, which contrast with her little silhouette.
° Best friend with Jungbae since kindergarden. They're called the twins since they were born two days apart from each other.
° Was an underground rapper with him in Daegu where they've form a duo.
° Has some little significant tattoos.
° Learn Japanese in college and high school, very good at it and helped Issei to learn Korean.
° Extrovert and hyperactive.


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Stage name : Gukyo
Full name : Park Gukyo
Birth : March 12, 2001, Busan, South Korea
Positions : Maknae / Main dancer / Lead vocalist
Languages spoken : Korean / Mandarin

Appearance :
° 174 cm
° Big black mono eyelids eyes with kind of a lost gaze.
° Short black straight hair.
° Has two moles under his lower lip, one on the right, the other on the left.

Facts :
° Ready to fight at anytime for his hyungs and noonas.
° Get along well with older person, but have difficulties with younger.
° Seems angry and confused at the same time, so people tends to not approach him much. Don't mind it though.
° Discover hip hop dance when he was 13, didn't stop to love and practice it since.
° Husky and jazzy voice.
° Doesn't have piercings and tattoos yet, maybe will have one in each ears in the future.


Name of the album : illusory world
Concept : The discovery of the world you live in that doesn't match with the vision you had as a child, begins with cool sounds and change to dark and angry with a hint of sadness, despair in What I hear. The album is in two parts seperated by the title track which makes the transition from the childhood vision to the present vision of the world, to the harsh reality.

All members have a solo song to permit the public to listen and understand more about each personalities.
Date of release : May 18, 2021

Title track : Discovery, the transition between chilhood and adult age, the frustration that goes with the discovery and the understanding of the real world. The feeling of incapacity to help and treason from olders to not prevent what's going on.
°MV : Seoul street at evening / night, the aspect of these breaks like a mirror to reveal a darker aspect of the streets (just like a illusion that disappears). Them trying to rewind and running to their more colorful past through the city.

Track list :
° Intro : Earth 1.1

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"Take a seat, your life begins now" - Robotic voice with a neat and slow electronic sounds.

° Abundant

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"What a paradise right here, warm blanket from our night before" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : Chocolate by Day6 / Lazy by EXO CBX

° Relax happily (Romy's solo)

friends and friendship image aesthetic, kpop, and seoul image
"Doing nothing under the sunlight, what a relief" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : Orange Trees by Marina / SoulMate by Zico ft. IU

° Explorer (Gukyo's solo)

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"Envy ascends in me, explorations are coming to me" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : 134340 by BTS / Blueprint by Stray kids

° What I hear (Boram's solo)

Arquitecture, photography, and light image black and white, photography, and shadow image
"In my room, in my world, adults ignore that I can hear everything" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : Jazz Bar by Dreamcatcher / So, it ends? by Heize ft. Colde

° Discovery (title track)

night, city, and korea image Image by Lisa Komarova
" There's a mistake in the Matrix, my world isn't the same anymore" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : Inception by Ateez / Phobia by Stray Kids / Can't you see me? by TXT

° 2111 (Hwila's solo)

aesthetic, city, and lights image Image by yağmur
"My everyday is fulfilled with lies, that's not what I call a life" - Music / vibe inspiration : Tear by BTS / Gottasadae by Behwy

° Like the moon (Oliver's solo)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Sasscia
" Even with the evidences in front of my eyes, I still do nothing. What is wrong with me ?" - Music / vibe inspiration (not lyrics) : Goodbye by 2ne1 / Fool by Winner

° A New Beginning (Jungbae's solo)

girl, aesthetic, and photography image sunset, japan, and aesthetic image
"It's not easy, it has never been" - Music / vibe inspiration : Sentimental by Winner / Wind Flower by Mamamoo

° Creater (Issei's solo)

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"We are our own writer, the show must go on" - Music / vibe inspiration : Jerk by Ikon / Love & Hate by Zico ft. Bibi

° Outro : Earth 2.0

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"Attention error found in control area, damaged system" - Chaotic electronic sounds


That's it ! I will do special articles for each members and one for the agency.