When was the last time you went a month, or even a week, without putting any products on your skin?

If you can’t answer that question, then it could be an issue and here’s why…

In my recent blog post (https://foxandviolets.com/2020/07/31/skincare-detox-why-you-need-one-to-develop-your-best-skincare-routine/) I talked about why taking a break from using any products on your skin could be the best thing for you, not just for your skin but also for creating your best skincare routine.

Many of us jump straight into skincare without a second thought based on what we think our skin needs at that time and then continue to change/update our products as time goes on but the issue with this is:

1. We may not really know what our skin truly needs.
2. We may not be using the right products.
3. We could end up having adverse effects from products and then treating the effects rather than giving our skin what it really needs.

This is why a skincare detox can be really beneficial.

I'm guilty of product hopping myself. Trying different products is not the issue, the issue is not giving our skin time in-between products to adjust. Sometimes a product can give us dry skin and instead of taking a step back we'll buy a new product for dry skin and use it straight away. We then end up in a habit of using the wrong products and then spending our money and time treating the effects of these products.

At the beginning of the year, I went 8 weeks without using any products/make-up on my skin and realised that all the skin concerns I had at the time were caused by the products I was using.

After using products for so long and product hopping, I lost track of what my skin was like and what my skincare priorities should be. I’m not saying everyone should do this as you may have a skincare routine that works perfectly for you. However, if you’re still experiencing skin concerns and cannot seem to address them or find that you address one concern and another one pops up then maybe this is exactly what you need.

Sometimes, we just need to get back to basis & skincare is no exception!

I hope some of you take some time to go back to basics and that you experience the wonders of taking a product detox.

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Also, let me know what you think & remember, natural is beautiful.