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Hello everyone, Here a list of my favorite childhood cartoons & anime! Lol I still love most of those in this list!

Totally Spies

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I love Totally spies so much. I also use to play with a friend that we were spies too. I was a great show and I also dream to become a spy as well. Sam was my fave.

Powerpuff Girls.

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I love this show so much. I was so cute and I like all 3 main girls alot. My fave was Bubbles for sure!

Monster High

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Was totally in to in more to alternavity style like emo and another styles like this. Monster High was totally something I like in that time of my life. I still like it now but it is not that super great anymore! I still a big fan of Draculaura .

Winx Club

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This serie was a great magical girl cartoon I loved alot! I was a big fan of Bloom and I still are!

Super Pig

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This funny and cute magical girl anime I adored when I was a kid. I like it alot. I didn't not know I was a anime back than! I loved this alot. It was so cute!


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This cute anime centre around a group of Hamsters I like so much. I was cute and cool at the same time.


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This cartoon is amazing! I never had Braces myself still Sharon character is so relatable! I like her alot!

As Told By Ginger

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This another serie I love so much when I was in in my early teens. It felt so relatable to me.


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This was that one cartoon my little sister Adored. We watch this everytime when it came on tv. I like it alot as well.


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This cartoon was so great I liked it so much!!

Avatar The Last Airbender

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This cartoon was feeling so much like a watch a anime I loved this serie so much. This cartoon was so cool! Totally re-watch on netflix right now!

Hey Arnold

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I like this one alot! I was funny had serious scenes as well. Helga is best girl!


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I love pokemon. I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. ! I watch it every moring before school!


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This was so funny and cute. I like it alot!

Shin Chan

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Lol I like this! I was so funny!

Spirited Away

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This movie was my first anime movie I every watch. I watch it at a friends house. I like it alot!

Beyblade Metal Fight

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I loved this anime serie. I had a childhood crush on Gingka.
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This the end of my article! Bye bye