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I'm back with another article. First I made the ts tag so i decided to do an ag tag aswell. Hope you like it!

inspired by

first song I heard

Lyrics image 2013, ariana grande mv, and ariana grande image
Baby I

favourite song

header, layout, and Lyrics image gold, god is a woman, and ariana grande image
God is a woman

least favourite song

city, new york, and car image ariana grande image
Honeymoon Avenue

favourite album

ariana grande, dangerous woman, and ariana image ariana grande, dwt, and dangerous woman tour image
Dangerous Woman

least favourite album

quote, unsaid, and ariana grande image album, ariana grande, and yours truly image
Yours Truly

most underrated song

ariana grande and step on up image dw, ariana, and grande image
Step On Up

most overrated song

bang bang, crush, and girl image Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
Bang Bang

favourite collab

Lyrics, quote, and ariana grande image Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨
Love Me Harder (ft. The Weekend)

favourite mv

header, layout, and Lyrics image ariana grande, into you, and dangerous woman image
Into You

favourite Yours Truly song

ariana grande, almost is never enough, and pic cover quotes image piano, music, and hair image
Almost Is Never Enough (ft. Nathan Sykes)

favourite My Everything song

aesthetic, Lyrics, and pastel image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image
Be My Baby

favourite Dangerous Woman song

Lyrics, quotes, and ariana grande image ariana grande, dangerous woman, and dwt image
Bad Decisions

favourite Sweetener song

girl, love, and ️lana del rey image sweetener, filtered, and arianagrande image

favourite Thank u, Next song

aesthetic, flowers, and bloodline image ariana grande, Givenchy, and black and white image

a song that makes me sad

Lyrics, quotes, and songs image hq, icons, and photoshoot image

a song that makes me happy

Lyrics, song, and lovin' it image hd, ariana, and ariana grande image
Lovin' It

a song I didn't expect to like

Lyrics, ariana grande, and aesthetic image ariana grande and ariana image
make up

a song I didn't like at first but now I do

Lyrics, wallpaper, and yellow image aesthetic, black, and mv image
the light is coming (ft. Nicki Minaj)

a song I wish I could relate to

aesthetic, art, and grunge image ariana grande, swt, and 7 rings image
7 rings

a song to dedicate to someone I know

b&w, song, and you don't know me image hair, header, and make up image
You Don't Know Me

a song whose lyrics I love

Image by ✨Angeliki ~ The MoonlightBae✨ school, college, and university image
Popular Song (Mika ft. Ariana Grande)

a song I know by heart

babe, baby, and bae image ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image
Leave Me Lonely (ft. Macy Gray)


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