1. Change

Is the change made with intent, or did the change come from outside?

2. Spiritual satisfaction

What satisfies you? Maybe it was a ten-minute phone call with a friend. Maybe it's time spent in the bathroom. Maybe it's just a sandwich.

3. Something new

What did you do for the first time as a beginner or just with the feeling that you gave yourself up to this business in a new way?

4. Abundance

What were many?

5. Loss

What was lost, why do you grieve? Maybe this is something insignificant. Perhaps it was more of a necessity than a "loss."

6. Riddle

Describe the main riddle of the last month. What happened that you cannot explain?

7. What have you learned?

What did you read, watch, see, listen to? Any colors, tastes, sensory details that stand out in particular?

8. Proportions

A specific moment that reminded you of the scale of the universe, that you are part of a much larger whole. Outdoor shower in the mountains. A special night trip. Reading some quote at the right time.