Hey everybody ! so I would like to talk about something that is really important to me.
I would like to talk about self confidence, about trusting truly yourself.

I never really trusted myself, my choices for many reasons.
And i think most of you knows about what kind of reasons i'am talking about.

I think we do not trust truly ourselves because we have many fears, many beliefs that maintain us in our comfort zone.
Personnaly I was scared of the unknown, about what could happen . It was because I was afraid of failure, I was scared of not being able to deal with unexpected events, thinking that I will not being able to do things well enough. I was afraid about disappointing some people, about what people could think about me.( And I'am still working on this).
I think what blocks us is the fear to being touched in our ego, the fear to get hurt.
But i believe if we work on those beliefs, those fears , if we learn to love ourselves enough and to recognize our worth as human being, we'll learn how to more trust ourselves.

Trusting ourselves will come when we recognize really our worth and when we dare to get out of our comfort zone.

So we just have to question our fears, our beliefs, heal our ego and being aware of our worth, so we will be able to truly listen our inner voice and being able to go for it. We will be able to having faith in ourselves because we know that despite our failures, despite criticism , we still worth it. We know that this is from those experiences that we learn and that we growth. It is those experiences that shape us, that shape our strength. So we just have to try it, do our best, go for it. And if we do mistakes then we'll learn from them.

Love, Laura <3