1- Apply the Marie Kondo method:

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When you arrive at someone's house, you are greeted in a tidy, airy and warm room. Keep these impressions in mind when you store at home. No one has ever felt good in a messy room. It's time to make a selection and only save what you really love. throw away anything that's broken or that you don't use anymore.

2- Don't be affraid to remodel your flat, your house, your bedroom or even your cellar

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It will make a change for you, as if you had gone on vacation, don't be afraid of change. You are not the same as when you moved in. It is normal that your apartment no longer reflects the same expectations as at the beginning.

3- add a lot of plants...

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It's well known, we need to see nature every day. Everyone who grew up in the countryside, surrounded by nature, and who later took an apartment in the city knows this feeling of lack. Humans are not made to live crammed into concrete blocks, one on top of each other and without nature. The other advantage of these little wonders is that they purify the air and are like a presence in the same way as a pet.

4- …and renovate with

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It's time to add color to these white walls, maybe duck blue, green, yellow like Serena VanDerwoosen's. Or a new wallpaper, frames, shelves or even.... plants (yes, again). It's time to be original.

5- Aerate and perfume

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We can't say it enough, we have to ventilate at least 1 hour a day and even in winter. This helps to remove bad bacteria/smells and to renew the air we breathe. It affects morale, health and perception of our environment. You don't have to do it just when guests are coming. After that, you can light incense, scented candles etc... even if I find that cooking pastries is still the best solution.