"making a playlist is a delicate art"

~ watching droplets race down the car window while listening to these songs that have been slowed to perfection ~

grunge, blue, and life image Image by ʚ Sweet ɞ
Summertime in Paris - Jaden, Willow

~ for deep conversations with friends at night ~

90s, animation, and buildings image Temporarily removed
you were good to me - Jeremy Zucker

~ aesthetic skateboard vibes ~

Temporarily removed aesthetic, 90s, and vintage image
somebody else - the 1975

~ songs we listen to while we talk about boys ~

Image removed Temporarily removed
sign of the times - harry styles

~ won't catch me sleeping on these ~

friendship, girls, and life image Image by 𝒱𝐸𝑅𝒪 🌙
in my room - frank ocean

~ timeless summer songs ~

Temporarily removed alternative, chic, and edgy image
no guidance - drake, chris brown

~ luxury party in slow motion ~

Image by vpt archive, necklace, and dior image
all my friends - snakehips, tinashe, chance the rapper

~ vibing at home in iso ~

aesthetic, girl, and hair image Temporarily removed
white ferrari - frank ocean

~ r&b jams ~

hollywood, travel, and california image 70s and vintage image
lets get married - jagged edge