Hey all!

I just got inspired by this tag and I want to give it a try.


My name is Samiin

S- Silver

aesthetic, silver, and biology image alien, grunge, and indie image chemistry, grunge, and hipster image Image by miwa
Sci-fi & Scientific mind

A- Apple red

beauty, fashion, and makeup image Image by Private User nails, red, and apple image iphone, red, and apple image
Angry is my daily mood

M- Misty rose

Image by 𝖌𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖓𝖟 pink image Image by Kierra Turner chanel, perfume, and white image
Most of the time my mind is somewhere else

I- Indigo

Image by نورا water and waterbender image night, stars, and art image Image removed
I feel I was born in the wrong era

I- Iris

brownie, cake, and cream image converse, all star, and purple image purple, stars, and aesthetic image cake, purple, and food image
Introvert but very affectionate

N- Neon green

danger, neon, and aesthetic image green, neon, and quotes image neon, sleep, and aesthetic image neon, light, and purple image
Not a plastic

Thanks for reading it!

black, grunge, and quotes image