Lana Del Rey's Heavenly Playlist.
Enjoy it.

♥Cherry Blossom

"What you don't tell no one you can tell me
Little ghost tall, tan like milk and honey
You're very brave, and very free"

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♥Hollywood's Dead

"And you were 50s cool
In blue suede shoes
But it was a cover for all of the trouble
You got into"

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♥Yes To Heaven

"If you go I'll stay
You come back I'll be right here
Like a barge at sea
In the storm I stay clear"

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♥The Next Best American Record

"My baby used to dance underneath my architecture
He was '70s in spirit, '90s in his frame of mind
My baby used to dance underneath my architecture
We lost track of space
We lost track of time"

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♥Swan Song

"Dive in, dive deep and in dark blue my sweet
Brushing up from the water where the ice meets
And you've been gone so long, you missed everything
The world can change in a day if you go away
But nothing could stop the two of us
If that's what we want, we could just get lost"

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♥Video Games

"It's you, it's you, it's all for you
Everything I do
I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you wanna do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?"

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♥Brooklyn Baby

"Well, my boyfriend's in a band
He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed
I've got feathers in my hair
I get down to Beat poetry
And my jazz collection's rare
I can play most anything
I'm a Brooklyn baby
I'm a Brooklyn baby"

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I said real love, it's like feeling no fear
When you're standing in the face of danger
'Cause you just want it so much"

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