So here goes nothing:
Originally this was meant to be a quarantine playlist, then it somehow morphed into a songs with movies recommendations.
I hope you like it (˘▾˘)

1.- The president has a sex tape - K.Flay

assassination nation and pink image
Assassination Nation (2018) Exaggerated, dramatic and filled with dumb decisions, has The Purge vibes, but it's more about prejudices and the risk of putting everything online.

2.- I think I'm OKAY(with YUNGBLUD) - Machine Gun Kelly

drama, teens, and pete davidson image
Big Time Adolescence (2019) A boy learning things the hard way, lowkey fangirling over his sister's ex. Hilarious, cringy, and dramatic.

3.- 31 / 10 - RKCB, Dave Gibson

asian, rain, and sad image
Narratage (2017) Have you ever fallen in love with your highschool teacher? The memoirs of a young woman in love with an older man, who wants to keep her by his side, but at the same time doesn't seem to see her that way. One of my favorite movies ever.

4.- Daydream - Medasin, Joba

Elle Fanning and all the bright places image
Violet & Finch (2020) I love Elle Fanning, and your opinion of Finch changes along the way. You can save someone else, but always remember to save yourself first.

5.- NO FUN - Joji

drama, pete davidson, and movies image
The King of Staten Island (2020) Pete Davidson again! This movie is a late coming of age. A grown up man doing stupid stuff for the first half of the movie, and then you see a young man finding his own path for the second half.

6.- Me - The 1975

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Suicide room (2011) No comments, always ask for help, never. let sth get to the point where you think there's no other way out

7.- Baby you're a haunted house - Gerard Way

horror, movies, and in the dark image
Stories to tell in the dark (2019) A good horror movie, I really liked the plot. Good acting.

8.- Cigarrete - offonoff, Tablo, MISO

Elle Fanning, movies, and sci fi image
How to talk to girls at parties (2017) Hilarious, with lots of cringy moments, but over all worth your time. Elle Fanning amazing as always.

9.- Lady, please - The Magic Gang

battle image
Battle (2018) Have you ever watched skam? If you have you'll recognize Eva. Beautiful choreography, with a beautiful soundtrack.

10.- That Bitch - Bea Miller

Temporarily removed
Little women (2019) I mean it's a classic, great casting. You'll hate them and love them, but you'll always understand them. Featuring two heartthrobs: Timothée Chalamet, Louis Garrel. Like what more do you want?

Hope you like them <3