This is for all the folks who cannot utter a sentence without a stutter even after they put it all together in their head beforehand.

And the folks who cannot look people in the eye when they talk and gets fidgety when people look at them. The ones who walk through crowds with their heads down and eyes on the pavement.

And the folks who are too scared to go to the doctor even when they are in pain because the thought having to talk to a doctor who they do not know is more painful.

And the folks who cannot post things on social media because they are scared of what other people might think and also the folks who cannot send messages on group chats.

And the very brave folks out there handling everything that comes their way despite the anxiety screaming in their head, screeching at their brain cells.

Also, for the folks who cry themselves to sleep because there is just so much that needs to be done and the courage is just so very hard to muster.

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Anxiety is evil. It is the stuff of Satan. It attacks on our minds and makes us feel like worthless meat bags who worries over every single damn thing. The audacity, am I right.

I am really sorry that you have to suffer like this. I am so glad that you are trying to work on it. It may be a long journey dealing with anxiety and a very difficult one at that, but it will be alright. Let’s talk.

It is okay.

It is okay to have an anxiety disorder. You really need to know that. It does not mean you are weak and worthless. It is okay to worry. Worrying is beautiful. Haha. Okay no. It is really not. We cannot help it though, can we? However, what we can do is owning it. If you do not acknowledge your state of mind, it would be very difficult to get better. Acknowledgement would lead to the path of discovery. Discovery of how to deal with it efficiently.

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It is not stupid. You are not stupid.

What you are worrying about is not stupid or irrelevant. It is okay even if you are worrying that you are bothering a shop clerk because he has to look into the storage for a pair that comes in your size. It is also okay even if you are worrying that you are bothering a person by sitting down in a specific way or simply by existing. If it matters to you, then it cannot stupid.

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Stop putting so much on your plate.

Sometimes we tend to get impatient in trying to prove ourselves and end up with much more tasks than we can handle which adds up to the anxiety. Or we worry what the person assigning us a task would think and we force it onto ourselves. It is so very difficult to say no. It really is, but in order to fight this battle and rid ourselves of the anxiety, we must stop putting more than we can handle on our plates, if at all possible.

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You do not have to be considerate all the time.

Boy, you really do not have to be considerate all the time. I get it though. You really do not want to be a bother to anybody. You feel like a nuisance all the time. It is okay to put yourself first though, for real. It is very difficult to do this because anxiety has moulded you into this person. But you really cannot make everyone happy even if you sell your soul and go out of your way in trying to be considerate. Therefore, as much as you can, transmit the consideration unto yourself, rather than those people who puts zero effort in acknowledging you and your feelings.

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Stop wishing you were like them.

I have often caught myself being jealous over my classmates and colleagues who can speak effortlessly. They all just seems so confident with their words and their clothes and everything that they do. You must acknowledge that you cannot be like that. Not yet anyways. It would take time. Stop comparing yourself to them meanwhile. Set your own goals. Your goals are what really matters. Your standards. You are the only person who knows your mindset. You will get there. Baby steps. Baby steps is the key. Also know that even if you are taking longer than you expected, it is okay. You will be ready.

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Let it all out.

If you can, you should talk about it with somebody who would understand and would not judge you. You can seek professional help if you like. There is absolutely no shame in that. I hear that it really helps. However, there is a conundrum with this. What if one is so very drenched in anxiety that they cannot round up the courage to go to sessions and actually talk with a complete stranger about their deepest darkest problems. Need help with this one.
You could also write down what you are feeling. Keeping track of your thought process would show you how you are improving. It would help you by tonnes.

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Avoid uneducated people

Seriously, avoid people who tell you that what you are worrying about is small and irrelevant. They clearly do not understand your mindset. Their opinion is vermin to your mindset which needs soothing and caring. People really needs to be educated with regard to social and general anxiety disorders. Folks with anxiety are like babies who cannot tell what is on their mind. It is the society that needs to understand us, not the other way round.

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Walk around

If you find yourself falling prey to anxiety attacks, liiterally walk away from your problems. Roam around. Giving yourself a break is important. Walking around the streets would make your mind a little bit lighter. Or you could go to a park. The greenery and scenery ought to make you feel better.

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The GIF below. I stare at it when I get attacks and it gets too overwhelming. It really helps. It helps regulate your breathing. During an attack, it is hard to follow at the beginning so do not panic over that. You will get there after about a minute.

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( ͡ᵔ ₃ ͡ᵔ)

Thanks for reading. I feel bad that you had to read too much but, that is the anxiety talking. So.
I hope that you are all surrounded by things that puts your mind at ease. I hope that your comfort zone widens and that you feel better. Soon.