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Hello my friends , How are you ? I hope you are healthy and safe . Today I woke up with determation to change my life for better , "work on myself , for myself " and I want to make you a part of my journey so that I wont give up easly if something doesn't goes right. First of all , I want to make a good habit of working out / exercising ( If you have some routines that helped you can you share them with me ? you can send direct messages } I am also trying to improve my English language skills and right now I am learning Japanese , and I want to right here somethings like reccomendations about movies, Kdramas or animes and If you want you can also message me what are you interested in and I will try to write about it . Also I love taking Photos and I have IG dedicated to mostly my Photography If you also love it you can follow me Lizebbeth . I really want to know what I have to work on to became better. And most important part is that in this time I will try to get to know myslef more and to fall in love with myself because I think it's important to love yourself first. Hope you enjoyed , and please if you liked it let me know and what do you think. Be kind and stay safe . Love you all ^_^