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This is my first article, and I thought I try writing something fun like the ABC tag. Hope you enjoy!

A - Age

quotes, words, and twenties image Image by alison ♡

I am currently 20 years old, and I still have no idea how to adult.

B - Best Feature

flowers, hair, and aesthetic image black and white, black, and drawing image

My best feature has to be my hair. I don't know what it is, but I always receive compliments for my hair.

C - Color

aesthetic, beautiful, and m&ms image art, yellow, and aesthetic image

I love the color yellow!

D - Deepest Regret

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Woah. Well, my biggest regret is December at Pamona.

E - Every day starts with...

aesthetic, book, and bed image amen, christian, and inspiration image

A morning reflection. I think it's important to take a moment, every morning, to acknowledge our family, friends, possessions, and other things we have been blessed with.

F - Fashion Sence

girl image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image

My fashion sense is a mix of everything, but mainly vintage preppy or streetwear.

G - Goals

life, parents, and proud image fashion, outfit, and style image

My main aspiration is to make my parents and myself proud.

H - Height and Hair Color

autumn, converse, and fall image aesthetic and hair image

I am 5' 4'' and my hair color is black.

I - In Love

shawn mendes image god, pray, and quote image

(sarcastic tone)
I just love wasting my time.

J - Job of my dreams

girl, magazine, and style image quotes, explorer, and travel image

Writer for a magazine or social media manager.

K - Kind of guy or girl

boy, suit, and men image architecture, badass, and lips image

An ambitious, sarcastic, confident man would be great!

L - Languages

films, spanish, and funny image black and white, ASL, and fuck you image

I speak English and Spanish fluently, but I also started to learn ASL two years ago.

M - Magical power I'd like to have...

quotes, words, and intuition image girl, pink, and art image

Telekinesis or shapeshifting

N - Noise I'd like to hear

earrings, piercing, and grunge image Just Do It, silence, and success image

The sound I miss the most right now is the chimes from the SHSU bell tower.

O - One favorite song...

music and julia michaels image music, texts, and playlist image

Into You - Julia Michaels

P - Person I last texted

quotes image lady bird, Saoirse Ronan, and aesthetic image

My last text is from a lovely college friend. I miss her so much!

Q - Questions I am always asked?

friends, night, and dark image funny, haha, and lol image

"Hey, when can you hang out?"

R - Reason to smile

duck, cute, and animal image family, quote, and words image

God's blessings, family, friends, and my duckies.

S - Sexuality

music and love image 80s, 90s, and indie image


T - Tattoos

blonde, coffee, and diner image Harry Styles, hands, and rings image

I don't have any tattoos at the moment, but I really want a small one on my ankle.

U - Unpopular Opinion

aesthetic, toffee, and brown image shoes, judge, and quotes image

Chunky shoes are actually cute.

V - Vacation Spot

aesthetic, airplane, and retro image travel and passport image

Brazil or Washington State

W - Worst habit I want to fix

quotes, subtitles, and alone image beach, birds, and photography image

Running away from my problems is my worst habit.

X - X-rays that I have had

heels, shoes, and bones image stars, aesthetic, and space image

I've only gotten three x-rays in my life I think.

Y - YouTubers I watch

ashley and bestdressed image adelaine morin image

I love Ashley, better known as bestdressed, because she's straightforward and her outfits are beyond cute. I also watch Adeline Morin, because that girl will literally make me smile in all her videos.

Z - Zodiac Sign

quotes, Angelina Jolie, and hate image funny, grunge, and lol image


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