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Since many of us are stuck at home, a great way to practice self-care is to indulge in a soothing spa right where you are!

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What are the health benefits of a spa session?

The experience of caring for your body through spa treatment is known to relieve stress and make you healthier. In a study based on the results of over 3,000 people, frequent spa use was associated with an improvement in both physical and mental health. Workers slept better and had a smaller number of sick days. Another study that was published for Medical Science Monitor proved that skin exfoliating and cleansing boosts natural killer cells, which are a key part of your immune system. If you are weary or unhappy after a long day, turning to spa methods will likely improve how you feel.

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At-Home Spa Ideas

I highly recommend that you carve out some time in your day to do some of the things below!


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Facial Scrub

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