my fav shit from july.


life on earth (ep) - summer walker
young - vacations
barnacles (album) - sahbabii
twin size mattress - the front bottoms
love it if we made it - the 1975
move ya hips - a$ap ferg

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the perks of being a wallflower. sad to say i had never watched this movie until this month. but i liked a lot. i rewatched it like 3 times. it made me feel comfortable if that makes sense? but yeah dont b stupid like me, watch it.
hereditary. i love horror movies and most times they don't scare me but there was a lot of watching through my eyes. it was more gross and disturbing than scary. and that dinner table scene deserves an emmy.

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skins. holy fuck. im so mad i didnt find this show sooner. it leaves netflix august 2nd and im only on season 3. its interesting as fuck and i love that it doesnt really have a main character? 10/10

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honorable mention: shameless - season 10 & the umbrella academy - season 2


my new haircut. my hair was shoulder length before (minus shrinkage) and i chopped it all off so now its a cute twa. i cant wait to dye it & do finger waves like this.

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the fountains. i just moved to el paso so ive still been figuring shit out. they have this cute plaza thing called the fountains w/ some pretty cool shit in it. it seems like it would get boring after a while but its decent for now!

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