Hi everyone... I hope you all are doing well. Today I'm writing about journaling. I have been very interested in journaling, so I'm writing about ways or things to journal.


  • writing journal
  • bullet journal
  • travel journal
  • gratitude journal
  • dream journal
  • idea journal
  • art journal
  • food journal
  • poetry journal
  • reading journal
  • film journal
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  • goals & dreams
  • a list of your favorite songs
  • a list of your favorite movies
  • poems
  • all of your crushes
  • books to read
  • wishlist
  • bucket list
  • things you learned
  • track savings
  • highlight of your day
  • places you want to visit
  • drawings
  • pictures of places you've been
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There are even more things but I kept it short.


  • washi tape
  • colored markers/pens
  • pictures
  • drawings
  • paintings
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Obviously there are even more things to fill your journal with but this is what I use.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspired you to make a journal!