Welcome to another monthly playlist wrap-up! Here are some of my most listened to songs for the month of July:


Playlist Name: .july 20'.

24 songs, 1hr 22min

Fit n' Full
by Samia

samia finnerty and samiatheband image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
"All I want is to be like my dad. All I want's to give you what I have. I'm generous and vacant."

by Neck Deep

live, neck deep, and pop punk image love, aesthetic, and couple image
"This is getting deeper, falling faster, but we might just take it too far. Damn, it feels so good to fall into the night."

10 AM
by State Champs

state champs, derek discanio, and tyler szalkowski image female, n, and girl image
"When will my love not be a crutch? If it's not for you, then I hope someone feels the way that I do. When will my love just be enough?"

Loving Is Easy
by Rex Orange County

rex orange county image aesthetic, gay, and nature image
"Yeah, loving is easy. When everything's perfect, please don't change a single little thing for me."

by Kitten

kitten, pop punk, and pop rock image aesthetic and couple image
"You're a warrior, my warrior, you know I'll be the armor. A tender heart, when we connect and you let go, you are perfect. Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, we'll never go back to Memphis."

Leave Me Alone
by The Frights

alternative, band, and indie image mountains, nature, and photography image
"We're flying up the coast, December. The sea and me are blue. The city of LA is ugly, and I'm coming back to you."

Let Love Bleed Red
by Sleeping With Sirens

music, rock, and sleeping with sirens image love, couple, and aesthetic image
"Lay me down and tell me everything will be alright, things will be alright. This could mean everything or nothing at all. You take what is real, I'll give you my all."

Power Up
by Red Velevet

Image removed beach, fashion, and style image
"That’s our genius power, being spontaneous and instinctual, that's what we need. Let’s go, let’s level up to find the electricity tonight."

Death Cup
by Mom Jeans

indie, polaroid, and mom jeans image quotes, goodbye, and grunge image
"What do you want me to say when I can't tell you the truth? Please tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to deal with losing you."

The Story So Far

band, pop punk, and the story so far image red, blue, and aesthetic image
"But I'd rather gamble, lose all and face death, than fucking rot here, exhausted from this waste of breath. I always waste my breath."

by Frank Iero and the Cellabration

frank iero, my chemical romance, and frnkiero and image aesthetic, museum, and friends image
"So let's laugh, let's learn to laugh at ourselves again. Let's love. Let's love. Let's hate what our love makes us do."


babymetal, su-metal, and rihometal image concert, crowd, and music image
"It's hard for us to climb the stairway to adulthood. One-step! Two-step! Lift up! We swim across the stormy world by crowd surfing. Dive! Let's go!"

Your Nickel Ain't Worth My Dime
by Sleeping With Sirens

boy, couple, and kiss image brush, draw, and heart image
"I wanna write a song about you now. Something that would make you wanna start. I wanna write a song about you now. Something from the bottom of my heart."

Sad Girl

girl image petra collins image
"And I'm not going to stand here, being all poetic. I'm not gonna stand here, being all pathetic. I'm not gonna be your, I'm not gonna be your sad girl."

Hard Times
by Paramore

alternative, band, and hayley williams image aesthetic, archive, and grunge image
"All that I want is to wake up fine. Tell me that I'm all right, that I ain't gonna die. All that I want is a hole in the ground. You can tell me when it's alright for me to come out."

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