Hi my lovelies!

So I finally plucked up the courage to actually start writing this article. It's been on my mind for quite a while now and I really wanted to try something new and experiment. I really hope you like this article as it is from personal experience. These tips and tricks have helped me keep a journal over the years, and I hope they will help you too!

How To Keep A Journal-

1. Find a book.
For this first step, you need a book. Obviously. You may already have a book that you are just dying to use, or you don't have one at all and need to go out and buy one. No worries! As long as you're happy about the design and the pages. You really need to think carefully about the notebook you will be buying. Think about if you want the pages to be dotted, squared or lined ( I recommend dotted, they're easy to draw in and take notes in, I use one myself and they are spectacular ). Once you've gotten that decision out of the way, think about the cover and what color you want it. You could buy any notebook and paint it, or decorate it if there are no notebooks that match your expectations. That's alright too! Creativity is always encouraged!

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2. Decide what journal you will be keeping.
This sounds silly as most people use their journals to write about their day, and their secrets but there are actually different types of journals that you can keep. Here are some:

  • Dream Journal - A journal to write down your dreams every night to see if you can spot any patterns in your sleep, or even just to keep record of all your silliest dreams.
  • Bullet Journal - A journal that helps you keep track, make lists, add timetables, create routines, make goals for your future and create mood trackers every month. Search up 'Bullet Journals' for more information, the list is endless!
  • Food Journal - A journal for people that are eager to scribble down that new recipe, or try out different ingredients to see what it will become and add notes on how to make your next dish even better!
  • Travel Journal - A travel journal is for adventurous people to document their discoveries in different countries, write about their days there and take pictures and stick them in the pages of the book of all the places they've been.
  • Art Journal - A creative sketchpad, where you can try different styles, new techniques and start out with a rough sketch. It's place where inspiration is at its best and new ideas are born.

And remember! There are so much more! All you have to do is search up 'different types of journals' and you're good to go!

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3. Remember-
Always remember to write in your journal. Sometimes it can be quite hard to remember to write in your journal, and I don't blame you, I struggled as well when I first started out, but these tricks will help you overcome your hesitation or forgetfulness in writing in your journal.

~ Leave sticky notes all over the places you go the most ( for example, cupboards, the fridge, your desk, your closet etc. )

~ Set a timer for when to write in your journal. After a while, it becomes easier and easier to write in it daily due to routine.

~ Carry it around with you, it helps to simply have your journal in your hand when something new happens, you remember to do something and need to scribble it down before you forget, or you just had a brilliant idea.

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4. Make it more interesting-
Make your journal more interesting by filling it with all the things you love. It could be a sprinkle of glitter between the pages, random little doodles, pressed flowers stuck on a random page, little quotes that will make your day every time you flip to that page. Little things like that can fill up your book, making it your own unique book. Making it yours. You could even take a few pictures with your polaroid for you to see what it was like in that moment, or what the view was. Add your favorite stickers or souvenirs, such as plane tickets, newspaper articles. Get creative!

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And remember! This is your journal, do what you want to do!

Thank you for reading!