• listen to music

listening to songs is the best way for me to cope with whatever stresses me out. it changes your mood instantly especially after crying your eyes out.
it's as simple as putting on your earphones and zone out to feel good songs.

here are some of my suggestions

pretty girl rock - keri hilson
party in the usa - miley cyrus
since you been gone - kelly clarkson
umbrella - rihanna
empire state of mind - alicia keys&jay z
complicated - avril lavigne (or any of her songs)
scrubs - tlc
price tag - jessie j
+ any old justin bieber, taylor swift songs

  • face masks, baths

whenever we're in distressed, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves.
i remember how i would skip my skincare routine every day and night because i just couldn't bring myself to do it but trust me, the moment you start to regularise taking care of your body or your face again, you'll notice an instant change.
it's hard but baby steps right? :)

things you can do:

-homemade masks
-do an ice facial
-run a bath with lots of bubbles
-put on sheet masks & clay masks
-exfoliate if you haven't already

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  • talk to your friends, people you trust

for years, i believe that dealing with my problems alone would make things easier as i would just carry the burden by myself and not bother anyone else.
however, i start to open up bits by bits to my friend whom i trust and love. it made me feel so much better to have someone to talk to and share your problems with.
buut please take note that your friends are not your therapist. don't get mad at them if they don't fully understand or know how to deal with your problems but they will listen to you and comfort you.

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  • do something you enjoy

things such as painting, playing the piano, drawing, just whatever that makes you happy, do it.
switch of your electronics, mute your socials and just take this time to recollect your thoughts as well as ignoring the outside world for a while.

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  • take naps

grab your comfiest blanket and pillows and just nap.
that's it.
rest your mind, your body.

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  • cook your favourite meal

what else is there to say.
make odd food combinations, try out new recipes. you never know what you might create because there are endless ways you can do to make your food much more exciting.

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  • go out to parks, beaches or anywhere calming
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