This character is the same as that of my other article, but from another Earth (I can't write Sósia in English).

Name: Aiyra
Age: 28
Nationality: Brazilian
DNA: Human
Team: Flash
First apparition: season 2
Earth: 0 She would be from a Common Earth, where superheroes are just a comic book thing.


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Your Super Power is your mind


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Programming genius, would work for a company in California. But for some reason your plane ended up in Central City. Received a message from the company saying that she should work at Central City headquarters.
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She always suspected there was something wrong. After a while won realized that everything strange in the city had to do with StarLabs
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Invaded the lab to investigate. Barry caught her watching and arrested her. Everyone decides to question her. When she told the truth they promised to help her find her home.
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With his knowledge she started to help the team and even after finding his Earth, decided to stay.
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She says she found a second family. And she loves working with Cisco and Dr. Wells.
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Loves the sea, sports, love watching movies with friends and loves to sing while playing his instruments.


Best Friends

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Cisco Ramon

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They are tech nerds, they love watching movies and using their references. She always makes Cisco go out with her at night.

Iris West

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They share all secrets and always have good advice to give each other

Love Interest

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She loves herself. She doesn't think about it too much, she just lets it happen

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