Hi whoever is reading this, its Chiti from @dhiilotus

As I'm a cinema enthusiast, in this article we will talk about movies that give you a good and hopeful sensation.

Only You

Directed by Norman Jewison

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This movie is so great, its simple and at the same time with a very atypical story that together with the amazing scenario makes the movie wonderful to watch. Plus there is young Robert Downey so...

Before Sunrise

Directed by Richard Linklater

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This trilogy is absolutely adorable, its one of my favorite movies. The story and the dialogues are perfect and these two characters makes you truly believe in the serendipities of life and love.

The Holiday

Directed by Nancy Meyers

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A typical Christmas movie combined with an interesting switch place story mixed with good actors. Totally worth the watch.

La La Land

Directed by Damien Chazelle

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I adore this film. its a mix of good music, amazing aesthetic visual, amazing actors and an involving love story that makes you want to be in love again.

Letters to Juliet

Directed by Gary Winick

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This movie is a real fairy tale, really. First, the Italian views are breathtaking, second Amanda Seyfried it's looking like a princess (as always) and the story is absolutely cute. Super cozy and romantic!

Love, Rosie

Directed by Christian Ditter

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This super cute, it literally shows how the choices we make and have consequences and how we don't realize that the best things in life are simple and way closer than we think. Its a real and lovely love story.

It's complicated

Directed by Nancy Meyers

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This a cute movie about a couple that has been married for a long time and wants to heat their relationship again. super cute and worth watching.

+ another recommendation is the French movie Love at second sight, directed by Hugo Gélin.

This is it for today, I hope you watch these movies and have your heart warm and happy :))



Written By: @dhiilotus as part of the SEASON's project.