Why do some people think that just because friendships fade or end means that there's automatically a negative feeling there? Sometimes friendships fade, that's okay. Sometimes there's a falling out, that's okay.

In the past if a friendship faded, or died out. Or even if someone DID do something to hurt me. I would hold onto the hate, the resentment, the hurt that they caused. I would allow it to eat at me, and if I ever came face to face with that person, it was awkward and hostile.

With working on myself, I've begun to learn to how let go and the importance of letting go. Because, harboring all that hate and negativity only really affected me. When someone hurts me, I understand that maybe they were hurt, or maybe they didn't deem the friendship/relationship important or multiple other factors. The fact is, everything is really temporary.

So, now I just let it go.

But some people think that because there was any sort of falling out, that it must result in drama, animosity, negative feelings/emotions. Why do we, as human beings feel this way?

A part of me thinks that the person hanging onto it, could potentially feel guilty about how they have treated the other, or why it ended. Or maybe something in the past has made them always believe that two human beings cannot part ways without the tension. There's multitude of reasons that I'll never know, but I just need to know when it's time to let go.